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Finch and Xoie

So I went to see Finch on Friday, and it was awesome! We got there pretty early, and hung out at the Hawthorne Theater bar (I love that place) and got to talk to the guys in the band for a while before they left for sound check. Then we just hung out drinking haha. We hung out in the bar for most of the opening bands cause well, they were not that exciting. But Finch was rad! They did my favorite songs from What It Is To Burn and a few from the other album. I wasn’t really into the other album so I didn’t know those ones. Oh, and they did a new one too, it wasn’t bad. But yes, it was a ton of fun. I can’t really talk still though haha.

In other news I took puppy to vet on Saturday. She weighs just under 5 pounds now and behaved like an angel. She was a little weary of the metal table but she didn’t cry at all, not even when she got her shot. She even behaved while they cut her nails! What a little trooper. They found giardia in her poop though, so I have to go pick up some medicine for her tomorrow. She’s not showing any symptoms right now but obviously I’d rather get rid of it than let it sit dormant. I don’t think she got it from water.. I’m wondering if the neighbor who doesn’t pick up their dogs poop and lets it run in my grass (I’m the only one in my actual building with a dog) is to blame for this. Rawr. Grumble.

It was an expensive weekend. But look at that little face!! ♥