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Presenting… Xoie!

I got a puppy! Her name is Xoie (like Zoe) and she is a longhair miniature dachshund. She’s adorable and hilarious to boot.

She was really clingy the first couple days and all she did was sit on the couch with me but now she is more independent and adventurous and likes to get herself stuck under the couch. She’s rad.

Here are a couple pictures:



And here is a video of her playing with her ball:

So, she’s keeping me pretty entertained and distracted. Taking her out 10 times a day in the freezing cold and wet kind of sucks though. No more winter puppies, ever.


  1. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Dec 31, 2007

    She is adorable.  Sell her to me. Sell me your puppy.

  2. Katili
    Katili Dec 31, 2007

    Uhhhhm. I think that’d be almost as bad as offering you my first born… You will not have my puppy :p

  3. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Dec 31, 2007

    sooooooo cute!!! Happy New Year’s!!

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