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  1. Bianca
    Bianca Oct 31, 2006


  2. Jules
    Jules Nov 1, 2006

    … wow. That is fricken AWESOME.
    I emailed you a picture of me and Virgo and Kailyn, go look! :p

  3. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Nov 1, 2006

    so cute! That IS Blue Man Group blue.

  4. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Nov 1, 2006

    Wow, you really went all out!  Nice work!

  5. soniaiskewl
    soniaiskewl Nov 3, 2006

    o0o0o0o0o0 that was COOOL!!!

    next year you should be a smurf :tongue:

  6. Katili
    Katili Nov 3, 2006

    *sings* la la, la la la laa, la la la la laaaaa!

  7. Layne
    Layne Nov 6, 2006

    Very cute costume, but I’m not fooled… I know you’re really a Blue Devil with tutu and wings.

  8. Dawn (webmiztris)
    Dawn (webmiztris) Nov 7, 2006

    LOVE the pointy ears!

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