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30 going on 13

It was my birthday the other day; no longer can I say that I am a confused 20-something year old. I’m actually pretty sad about that, but I suppose being a baffled 30 year old that refuses to grow up is okay, too.


So what did I do for my birthday? Well, I refused to grow up, and I had a birthday bash at the Bullwinkle’s Family Fun Center. We had a pizza party, we did mini golf and drove go karts and played laser tag. It was a blast! You’re only as old as you act, right?

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A Visit from Sonia

Oh, did I say this blog would see some life? By that I meant that it would be on life support and occasionally twitch. Sorry for the misunderstanding ;)

I’m a little sad actually, I was planning on blogging about my trip to Canada, but apparently that was already almost a year ago and blogging about it now would be embarrassing haha. If you care you can see my vacation pictures on Flickr though. Kevin took me to Victoria for my birthday last year and I absolutely loved it there. It really was My Place, I even knew how to navigate it and find places (which, if you know me, you know is a miracle because some days I swear I can get lost going from my kitchen to the bathroom).

Anyway. A bit more relevant as far as the Timeline goes is that the always amazing Sonia came to visit me last month! I hadn’t seen her in over a year, which is way too long for us to be apart. What did we do while she was visiting? The exact same things we’ve always done for as long as we’ve known each other; we ate, we drank, we ran around doing random things. I love how some things never change!


The first stop was Mongolian food, which it a tradition that dates waaaay back to when we first met. Because nothing says BFF Love like a pile of noodles bigger than any mere mortal could eat. During the trip we also had margaritas, ice cream, piroshkies, crepes, omelettes, and more!

We didn’t only eat though! We also went to the shooting range, where Kevin taught her the basics of archery. She did well and had a blast, which was awesome! I did pretty badly, which means I just need to go practice more. Oh, you didn’t know I did archery? It’s a new hobby, I have a pretty bow. More about that another time. We also did touristy stuff around Seattle, including visiting the Gum Wall which is pretty much the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen haha.

Her visit was way too short, but we had a great time. I can’t wait to see her again!

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RIP, MyTouch 4G.

I woke up late for work today, which doesn’t happen often. I woke up to the sound of my dog barking at the window instead of my standard alarm, because for some reason my phone was off. That was really odd, because it had been on an hour earlier when I woke up before the alarm was set to go off. So I tried to turn my phone back on and got no response.

Like any good techie, I removed the battery for a few minutes and put it back in. Huzzah, the phone turned back on! But, 20 minutes later when I went to check something on it, it was off again. Rinse and repeat about 4 times (once in the middle of trying to factory reset it), and I found myself at T-Mobile being all like, “WTF mates”.

They were able to successfully reset the phone, and it stayed on for a whole hour, yay! But then it started doing the same thing again, booo. Took it back, got a new battery, didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before the phone shut off.

So now I’m waiting for a replacement. Chances are it’ll be a refurbished phone, which sucks cause mine is still pretty new. But if it works, whatever. The problem is that the new phone probably won’t be here until Thursday at best, possibly Friday, but with my luck, more likely not until Monday. Until then, I don’t really have a phone.

Karmimi… we need to have words. They start with, “I hate you so much” and end with “die in a fire”.


Fishy Triage

It’s been a hectic week in the aquarium side of life! One of my fish up and died out of the blue, which is usually a sign of something being wrong, especially a relatively young fish like Thing One.

So, I pulled out my handy water testing kit and found that my nitrates were painfully high. Of all the things that can be wrong in a tank, that one is relatively “minor”, but still a problem. I’ve been doing partial water changes every few days for far too long now, and it’s still a fighting battle.

I had set up a 1.5 gallon tank in my office, for a new desk fish and put a betta in there. Only, after I did that, I realized that the betta in the community tank was very ill. He stopped eating, spent all his time in hiding, and was turning funny colors. So I fished him out (which was harder than I expected, clearly he wasn’t too sick to run away!), fished Desk Fish out of the small aquarium, put him in the community tank, and the sick betta in the small tank. Let me tell you how much easier it is to medicate 1.5 gallons versus 20!

So I spent 4 days medicating Sam in the little tank. Poor thing had something awful, he had this giant sore on his side! I can only hope that it looked worse than it felt, cause I feel soooo bad for this fish :(

Bettas are kind of hard to diagnose, as both a fungus and a bacteria can cause all his symptoms, so I went for a shotgun approach and medicated with a blend of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-something else medicine, as well as some anti-stress and fin repairing medicine. That caused a new problem of mega stinky water, but daily water changes kept it tolerable.

Days later, the nitrates are in a better place and my betta is eating and back to his normal color again. The sore on his side is almost healed all the way, too! Here’s hoping that everything will be good in a few days so I can put him back in the big tank, he seems lonely now! He’s in a smaller container for easier final medicating, and Desk Fish is back on my desk (after cleaning the quarantine tank, of course).


January in (photographic) Review

Here’s a visual of what January looked like for me. If it seems like there’s a lot of pictures of food.. well, I eat every day, so there :)


Clicking the image will show you the thumbnails a little larger, clicking the title of an image below will take you to the Flickr page where you can see the whole image and caption and all that jazz.

1. 001-Werewolf and Vodka, 2. 002-Mousepad and Mouse, 3. 003-Outside, 4. 004-Nail Polish, 5. 005-Cable Macro.jpg, 6. 006-Ashton and Jezebel, 7. 007-Rainbow Yarn Pile, 8. 008-Panicked Chicken (and a sign), 9. 009-Grey Single.jpg, 10. 010-Garlic and Basil.jpg, 11. 011-Kitchen Sailing, 12. 012-Shifting Ramona, 13. 013-Beef Bowl, 14. 014-Happy Birthday, Grandma!, 15. 015-China Flowers, 16. 016-Keys, 17. 017-Quesadilla, 18. 018-Sammich and Salad, 19. 019-Sausage and Pancakes, 20. 020-Sooshi, 21. 021-Flowers, 22. 022-Men in Black, 23. 023-Mt Shasta, 24. 024-Success!!, 25. 025-Blazin’, 26. 026-Dry Ingrediants for Banana Bread.jpg, 27. 027-Banana Nut Bread.jpg, 28. 028-Jessica the Hat Model, 29. 029-Kinect, 30. 030-Pleco, 31. 031-Zucchini Carrot Spice Bread

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