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NaNo Day 5 Stats

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 2795
Total Words Written: 9638
Write-ins attended: 4
Words Written at a Write-in Today: 2305
Total Words Written at Write-ins: 5384
Cups of Coffee/Tea: 11
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 2
Named Characters Killed: 0 (Man, and nobody has even been hurt yet, either! The lack of violence in my story is troubling).
Scenes Completed: 14
Scenes that Will Probably be Cut Later: 6
Random Ideas Generated: 9

Random Thoughts:

  • I have got to stop substituting coffee for food.
  • I need to write 5500 words to meet my 15k by Sunday goal. This will only work if beer makes me write faster than coffee does.

Last Line I Wrote Today:

Of course, there were ways to get blood that didn’t require sex, but most of them weren’t as enjoyable, and I was a terrible fighter.


Violet was singlehandedly the most powerful woman that I knew. I had heard the stories about how she came to be Queen of the vampires in this city. She had come in from nowhere, made her allies, and taken over the throne through bloodshed and fear. She killed the old Prince, and all his strongest followers. She made examples out of a few others. Nobody dared to cross her because they knew what would come to them if they did.

Not that it was all doom and gloom with Violet in charge. No, in fact, it was a good time to be a vampire here. She had relaxed many of the rules that the old leadership had in place, and we had a lot more freedoms than before. As long as nobody broke the rules, she was happy, and she seemed to genuinely want all of us to enjoy being vampires in her city.

But Jericho, she didn’t have to stick a stake through anybody’s heart and leave them out to see one last sunrise to gain the loyalties of the masses, metaphorically or otherwise. I had to know more about what she could do. I had to know more about her. For the first time since high school, I really hoped that the girl I had given my phone number to would call me.

Typos of the Day:

Mazagine and facinsated.