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NaNo Day 4 Stats

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 1342
Total Words Written: 6746
Write-ins attended: 2
Words Written at a Write-in Today: 0
Total Words Written at Write-ins: 3079
Cups of Coffee/Tea: 9
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 2
Named Characters Killed: 0
Scenes Completed: 11
Scenes that Will Probably be Cut Later: 4
Random Ideas Generated: 6

Random Thoughts:

  • Am officially out of buffer, but still on track. Will need to put some serious writing in this weekend to get back ahead of the game.
  • I am honestly convinced that I am mentally incapable of writing while I’m at home.
  • Reading threads titled “Adopt a Pickup Line” shortly before trying to write a scene where a guy meets a girl, even if he’s NOT trying to hit on her, is a bad idea.

Last Line I Wrote Today:

I didn’t fault Lauren for not having recognized her, and I still had no idea who she was.


“JUDE.” Lauren said tersely. I knew that tone; she was jealous, and didn’t appreciate not being the only really good looking woman at the club. Worse, she probably especially hated not being THE best looking woman there. I looked up at her and saw that she was wearing her Ice Queen face. It was time to get her home before she did something stupid.

“Ah, it seems to be time to leave.” I said to Jericho. “It’s been lovely, sorry to have to cut it short.” Lauren tapped her foot impatiently as I put my card down on the counter in front of Jericho. “If you find yourself free tomorrow evening and want company, or need a tour, event recommendation or anything at all, give me a call. I know this city inside and out.” She placed the card in her wallet and thanked me. I nodded respectfully towards Bobby and led Lauren out of the club.

Most men would have given the whole world to have had a conversation with one beautiful blonde end with taking another home, but frankly, I was more than just a little miffed. Just because Lauren didn’t physically appear to be much older than nineteen years old didn’t mean she had to behave like it still. She felt like she was entitled to the moon and stars in the sky by the sheer virtue of her attractiveness, and Violet had re-enforced that belief by giving her whatever she wanted.

Typo of the Day:

I misspelled “widened” as “widended”, but had no problems with “quizzically”.