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Off to England!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook know, I am on my way to England for a couple weeks! I’m currently sitting in MSP (the Minneapolis/Saint Paul airport in Minnesota) eating a sandwich and having a beer while I kill lots of time before my flight to Heathrow. I am super excited! I’ll be staying in Oxford for a couple weeks, and hopefully seeing lots of other really cool places. Have I mentioned lately that I have the most awesomest job pretty much ever??

My flight here was pretty uneventful, but I’m not looking forward to the super long flight to get to England. I brought my GameBoy, two knitting projects, my iPod, my laptop, and some sleep deprivation. Hopefully between all those things I will keep myself entertained.

I’ll try to update often with what I’ve been up to in England, but if not, I’ll write a good post when I get back home. I’m so excited, wheeeeeee!

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  1. yoshi
    yoshi Jul 6, 2010

    watch out for those hostels lol

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