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It’s An Adventure!

My time in England has been awesome.. I’ve loved every minute of it, and I have a decent amount of photos and stories to share when I get back home, but that’s not what this post is about. I expected my time in England to be awesome, but now I’m finding that my time that isn’t really part of my trip to be an adventure in and of itself.. it’s A Life Experience™.

You see, I was supposed to go home yesterday. But, airlines like to overbook flights, and I’m flying standby and am on the bottom of the priority list. London flights, in particular, are crazy oversold.

So right now I’m in the London airport getting ready to fly to Amsterdam, because Delta (the airline I’m flying on my buddy pass) has a direct from there back to PDX. I’ll be in Amsterdam at 6:30ish PM.. my potential flight back to PDX is at 10:00 AM the next day. Did I mention it’s going to be my birthday? Even if I spend most of my day on the plane, I’ll be starting my birthday off in the Netherlands.

While missing out on 3 flights already was a little frustrating, I took a step back to think about it, and really, I’m going to have so many stories to tell, that it’s worth it all!