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SLIMQUICK Cleanse: Day 2

Morning weigh-in: 155.8

That’s almost 2 pounds less than yesterday; I’m sure it’s all water weight cause I’ve been peeing like a racehorse, but it’s a nice start.

My first thoughts on the Cleanse caplets.. holy crap they’re huge! And I have to take 4 of them! It’s a good thing I mastered the art of swallowing horse pills throughout the years of having a bad immune system!

Within minutes of taking the first dose (right before I was planning on eating lunch) I felt really bloated and like my stomach was way too full. I was hungry right before taking the pills. Food was not an option for a while. After about an hour, it went from bloated and full to kind of gassy and like I really needed to burp, but couldn’t. I managed to eat lunch then, which helped a little, but my stomach felt awful for about 5 hours.

Lunch on day 1 was awesome. I was amazed at how much food I got for so few calories.. I didn’t even need to eat it all (though I contribute some of it to the feeling I got from the capsules).

After a few hours my stomach started to feel better (burping helped; I drank some carbonated water). The second dose, and this afternoons dose did not have the same effect on me, so I think it’s smooth sailing from here. I’m feeling pretty alright, though breakfast is never enough food and I’m hungry straight through lunch time. After lunch I’m fine, though.

More tomorrow.

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