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SLIMQUICK Cleanse: Day 1

I’ve started the SLIMQUICK Cleanse today, though I’m a couple hours behind schedule because I slept late, because I’m sick.

Can I just say that the Rise and Shine Liver Flush is going to kill me? OMG. My brain/stomach just doesn’t know how to handle the idea of “warm lemonade” and it was a struggle with my body to drink (and keep down) the warm water with lemon juice. Part of it is because I was queasy to begin with (yay sick!) but I had the same problem with the lemon flavored Theraflu… warm lemonade = ick.

So I’m having Breakfast now (blueberry smoothie) and took some starting measurements. They’re really depressing.

Weight: 157.6

Butt: 43 inches

Stomach (at largest part for me): 40 inches

Waist (actual): 33 inches

Hips: 38.5 inches

(oddly enough, my WHR seems to still be within “healthy range” haha)

The first caplets come before lunch.. I’ll be following the actual Cleanse diet pretty closely today (assuming I can find trout for dinner). Tomorrow I’ll let you know my thoughts on the caplets, and how today went. I’ll be posting scale weight (taken first thing in the morning, after I pee, before my shower, just like today) daily.

Wish me luck!

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