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The Health Updates

Ok, thanks for the good vibes that were sent my grandma’s way! I got an update, her surgery took longer than they had anticipated because she had a bad reaction to the initial meds, then the procedure wound up being a little more difficult than they expected. But! She’s fine She was complaining about how difficult it is to eat a turkey sandwich when you’re not allowed to sit up haha. I love my grammy ♥

Also, anybody that was following my Twitter yesterday saw a bunch of tweets about Xoie. She’s much better today. The vet thinks she ate something that upset her stomach or that she’s got a little bug. They gave her lots of fluids because she was dehydrated from throwing up so much. She stopped doing that at about noon yesterday which is good. She’s on some meds and a special diet for the next few days then everything will go back to normal.

And me.. I’m pretty healthy thus far *knock on wood*


  1. Aimée
    Aimée May 23, 2008

    Yay good health!  Hope it continues like that for everyone!

  2. Friend Tom
    Friend Tom May 23, 2008

    This is most joyous!  w00t!

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