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Urgent Care

So, I spent about 3 and a half hours in Urgent Care today. I was really sickly this morning. I was dizzy, I was nauseous, my hands were shaking, my legs were numb, I was completely pale, and I couldn’t get my brain to focus on much of anything for more than 3 seconds. Even my speech was slightly off. It was bad. So off to the doctor I went. Sadly, this is a fairly normal feeling for me, only usually it’s a little less intense and involves throwing up (I don’t know how I feel about the trade off), and it’s usually at about 2 in the morning, not 9.

Anyway I went to the doctor and he asked what my old doctor had done when I was having this problem and I told him they always thought there was something wrong with my stomach, and then he was like “… why?? I’m pretty sure it’s your head. It sounds an awful lot like a migraine that is manifesting itself in your whole body instead of just your head.” So the nice nurse lady came in with a needle and stuck it in a leg muscle, and while my leg and butt are still kind of sore from it, I felt better in less than 3 minutes. Best drug EVER, whatever it was. Anyway, then they sent me to get a CAT scan. Most of my 3.5 hour long doctor visit was spent waiting for the radiologist to look at my stupid scan. But yeah, it came back normal so there’s not anything like, majorly wrong with my head.

I may be the only person on earth that would turn down a prescription for vicodin. I had a bad experience with it. So I got sent home with a bandaid on my butt, a prescription for migraine medication, and hopefully an answer to this health problem I’ve been having for a while.


  1. Jules
    Jules May 16, 2007

    Oh man, that sounds like quite the experience. Feel better!

    ps – I love vicodin! You’re nuts ;)

  2. Katili
    Katili May 16, 2007

    Have I not told you what happened the one time I took just HALF of a vicodin? :p

  3. sonia!
    sonia! May 16, 2007


    i had food poisoning yesterday if it helps! its seems as though karmimi has greeted us both!

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