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Goodbye, my Love.

On Monday, I left my Vinz at a new home.

I love my little dog, with all my heart, and that’s why I had to give him up. Poor little dude was not happy here. He is so hyper and needs so much attention, I simply can’t keep up with him. Being left home 8 hours a day, even though I came home at lunch to play with him was just not going to work. He was crying every time I walked out the door, and making messes every where, and so on and so forth.

So after a thorough screening process, we went to meet a family on Monday. They have a very large, fenced back yard, and 4 kids who all immediately fell in love with him. The mother had been raising dogs most of her life and knew exactly what to do for all his little…quirks. Vinz was so excited to be playing with 3 kids at a time and running around outside that his little ears were shaking. After 2 hours I was convinced that they can give him a much happier life than I can.

Monday night was awfully lonely, and I had to sleep on the couch in the living room because I burst into tears walking into my bedroom and seeing his corner completely empty. Yesterday Tom kept me company. Today I miss my dog because he is not here trying to eat my dinner. I will miss him for a long time, but I know I did the right thing for him. Any doubts I might have had about the need to give him to someone else, for his sake, were completely obliterated when I came home today. I found a package on my door step with some toys and doggy biscuits with a note from “the little black doggy next door” saying that he was sending toys over for Vinz because “I hear you crying for so long in the morning, and I am sad that I cannot play with you for comfort you, so here, I am sharing my new toys with you”. I must go by and thank my neighbors for alleviating my last shreds of doubt.

With time, the sadness will fade as it sinks in more and more that it was better for both of us. And in time, when I’m more settled in my own life, and have a house with a yard, maybe I can try again. Vinz made me happy for the year I had him, even when he drove me absolutely nuts.


    SONIA CHILD!! May 10, 2007

    aww, katie child!!! :sad:

    i’m so sorry about vinz! but i’m glad you’ve found him a place to stay.  *hug*  i hope things get better for you!

  2. the original Tom
    the original Tom May 11, 2007

    he is such a cute little bastard.  blessings to him and the family who will have the honer of knowing his terror.  sry for the empty feeling. 

    chips in random places –

    your #1 partner in crime

  3. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr May 13, 2007

    ((Katie)) I know that sucked huge! :( But it does sound like he’ll be in a happier place. Welcome to motherhood. Sometimes to do the best thing for your kids means a lot of pain for the Mom. Now you have a glimpse of that world. I bet he never forgets you.

  4. Jess
    Jess May 14, 2007

    I know it was a tough decision, but it sounds like you did the right thing.

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