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Post Valentine’s Day Post

So erm, I hope everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day!

I got a mushy over the top lovey-dovey card for Kevan and he gave me chocolate, yay! And I got a more normal card, and a pirate eyepatch for Jeremy, and I drew his triangle man as a pirate with oil pastels.

Jeremy gave me PIRATE KITTY SHOES! Yaaaay!

Painted Shooooooes!

Then we went and had a great Italian dinner and it was a very nice evening.

Last night me and Tom had Anti-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Happy Hour. Don’t ask! We had whiskey sours and burgers and quesadillas for insanely cheap, go team! And I slept like a baby so today I feel like a million bucks.

That is all.


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 16, 2007

    those are some cute shoes. :)

    burgers and quesadillas…mmmmm

  2. Jess
    Jess Feb 20, 2007

    I think I might have told you this already, but those are the most awesome shoes EVER! :)

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