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Month: February 2007

It’s Almost Time!!!

The countdown is on!! T-Minus 6 days!

I’m crazy busy and stressed now haha. I have to condense my whole life down to whatever I can fit into my truck. I can’t afford a POD and I’m not into driving 1000 miles going 45 to rent a uhaul hitch. So, no furniture for Katie. C’est la vie.

I need to buy all new clothes for my new job. I’m going to get a raise, woot! Make more money in a place that costs less, things are starting to look up

So yeah, I have a job lined up, I have a place to live, my dog is going to stay with my mom for a while… YAY!!!!

*can’t. wait.*

… i might miss some people here though …


Whoever Invented 3 Day Weekends ROCKS!

Yay! I love three day weekends. Actually, I love all weekends, but I love 3 day ones better. Because they are longer. Duh :D

Sooo Friday was awesome. I went and hung out right after work with a couple of my friend’s from highschool, which is always nice. I lost Emo Hat but I think Karo said he has it so I will have to get it tomorrow.

After that, I went over to Jeremy’s house so that we could go DRUNKEN BOWLING!! It was Kevan’s birthday so a bajillion people went to this bowling alley to celebrate. I bowled better than my average and I couldn’t even walk straight. It was awesome, until I realized Jeremy beat me by ONE PIN. ONE!!! What is that nonsense?!?!?! Rawr. But the second game, I was getting strike after strike and I totally stomped, so there.

Saturday I woke up with like, the hangover from hell. Jeremy and I went and had the nastiest Panda Express on earth… the orange chicken was soggy and tasted like vinegar. It made me queasy, and the egg rolls weren’t really any good either. How can Panda Express not be good??!! I was not happy. So then I had to go to Taco Bell and get tacos and then I felt better. Then Friend Tom dragged me up a mountain and I felt better. We got robbed by the zoo, they didn’t let us in to see the monkeys. Also, my foot started bleeding and wouldn’t stop for like, 2 days. Nice.

Yesterday I drove up to Fontana to meet my new roommate. He is now staying here at my house. I got to meet his family and they all seem pretty cool. We leave in like, 10 days. EXCITING! Also, we had dinner and watched Ghost Rider which was a pretty wicked movie. Good times.

I spent a whole awful lot of time distracting Jeremy from drawing, oops. I kept trying to make him do it! I swear! “Jeremy! Go draw!” “I will in a couple minutes!!” “Uh huh.” I’m kind of going to miss him :(


Post Valentine’s Day Post

So erm, I hope everybody had a nice Valentine’s Day!

I got a mushy over the top lovey-dovey card for Kevan and he gave me chocolate, yay! And I got a more normal card, and a pirate eyepatch for Jeremy, and I drew his triangle man as a pirate with oil pastels.

Jeremy gave me PIRATE KITTY SHOES! Yaaaay!

Painted Shooooooes!

Then we went and had a great Italian dinner and it was a very nice evening.

Last night me and Tom had Anti-Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Happy Hour. Don’t ask! We had whiskey sours and burgers and quesadillas for insanely cheap, go team! And I slept like a baby so today I feel like a million bucks.

That is all.


I Hope to Never Wash So Much Again

Today I did like, 6 loads of laundry. My goal for the weekend was to go through all my clothes and get rid of at least half, and then wash everything else (for some reason my clothes was living on the sofa so it was all covered in Vinz. Icky.) So I got rid of about 1/3 of my clothes (… more than I actually expected to get rid of haha) and today I washed a ton with my friend Tom and now all is clean, yay!

Pirate Kitty Shoes coming soon! Huzzah! And also Pirate Kitty Layout. Jeremy rocks.

And now, out to dinner and drinks with Tom and my mommy. WHEE!


This Post Brought to You by One Hour of Sleep, Tequila, and also Spaghetti

The nice thing aboot being 21 is that I can get away with this still. Good times were had by all!!  :up:

After work I went home and took Vinz for a jog, and spoke to the car people next door. They are going to look at Betty and see if they want to buy her, which would be awesome. The were not thrilled at the fact that it is a 93 tempo (those apparently have bad engines) but maybe the sad look and “I’m moving 1000 miles away, even a few hundred bucks would help” line will convince them to take it. Anyway then I did a load of laundry and took a shower. That was the boring part of the night.

So I hopped in the truck and zoomed down the 101 and the 405 because at 8 pm there is no traffic. I promised Kevan I would make him spaghetti so I went over there and made spaghetti! Called Jeremy when I got off the freeway to come down and go to the store with me, but I actually found a parking spot pretty much right in front of the apartment instead of half a mile away. It was amazing! So I took it and said “Never mind we’re going in Kev’s car because I am NOT giving up this spot!!”

Go inside, grab the boys, I got to drive Kevan’s car cause he had too much wine. Best story ever! So we’re driving along and I look at the speedometer and it says I’m going 80 and I’m like, “NO WAY!!!! WTF?!?! KEV! How often do you get pulled over for speeding in this thing, cause it doesn’t feel like I’m going all that fast!!” And he looks over and goes “… uh, Katie.. that’s kilometers per hour.” “……………. damn Canadians!” bwahaha. So I was going like, 40mph. It didn’t dawn on me that the Canadian guy would have a car from Canada, and that it’s speedometer would have kilometers in big numbers. I felt like an idiot, it was funny.

Anyway we went to the store and got the essentials: spaghetti making materials and booze. Yay! I made the spaghetti and it was good and now Kev and Jeremy will love me forever cause I fed them something that didn’t come out of the freezer. Go me! Played drunken Wii and stuff, and it was awesome.

I got home at like, 6 in the morning. Went to sleep. Got up at 7:20 and came to work. I am quite useless today. YAY FUN!!!