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Year: 2007

Presenting… Xoie!

I got a puppy! Her name is Xoie (like Zoe) and she is a longhair miniature dachshund. She’s adorable and hilarious to boot.

She was really clingy the first couple days and all she did was sit on the couch with me but now she is more independent and adventurous and likes to get herself stuck under the couch. She’s rad.

Here are a couple pictures:



And here is a video of her playing with her ball:

So, she’s keeping me pretty entertained and distracted. Taking her out 10 times a day in the freezing cold and wet kind of sucks though. No more winter puppies, ever.


Trip to LA

I have 25 minutes to kill before it is time to go to the airport so I figured I would blog.

I’ve been in L.A. since last week. Came to visit friends and family and stuff. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. I’m actually really anxious to be back home. I should have booked an earlier flight. I got to hang out with a lot of people, to the point where I am feeling more anti-social than I normally do heh. I don’t want to see anybody but my Tom Tom. I miss him like woah :(

But I got to see my Jeffrey Bean, and my mom and grandma and brother, and a couple of my uncles and cousins, and my sister and nephew, and Hilary and Sonia and Thom and Amber and Paula, and I helped Friend Tom celebrate his birthday (and had drama leaving the parking lot with the stupid-head attendant) and Harlan and all the people from work. That’s quite a list heh. I’m probably forgetting people, oh well.

I spent too much money while I was here heheheh. I bought clothes and shoes and video games which was dumb cause I had to pay sales tax, but I needed something to do on the plane ride back home. I found a bunch of stuff in the outdoor closet too. I’m going home with twice as much stuff as I left with.

I got Mario Party DS (I already beat story mode hahaha) and My Sims for DS… and I have to go to Target when I get home to buy a Fry Daddy and whatever me and Tom want to spend our gift card on. Wheeeee, I love Target.

Oh yeah and I went to a Cowboy Mouth concert. It was pretty fun. It would have been better if I wasn’t so exhausted when I went though. I literally have no energy left. I don’t think I am going out tonight.

……. why isn’t it time to go yet?!?!?!?

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Sim City Societies

So, I installed Sim City Societies today. Here are my initial thoughts.

One: It’s nice that getting power to my city isn’t so god damn annoying. My biggest turnoff about the older versions is I had to actually pay attention to where I was putting water pipes and power lines. Not my thing. I just want to generate power and assume it knows where it’s going. bam! Place some windmills, produce power, go start building.

Two: … you know, I didn’t really get much further than that because the game crashes every five-ten minutes. Seriously. I didn’t even get to finish the tutorial. Lame to the MAX. The patch says it fixed the random crash bug. Yeah, it lied. Screw you patch!

Three: From what I could tell, it looks like it’d be fun.

I know a lot of people are complaining about how it’s fundamentally different from the traditional Sim City games, but since I was never overly fond of the other ones, I think that’s probably going to prove to be a good thing, for me at least. I just wish i could actually play it.


System Maintenance

I was a little bit behind on the times, and a version behind EE. Oops. My poor little blog has been neglected. But no more! I plan to fix this, mmmmhmm! So yesterday I installed the latest version of ExpressionEngine, and boy did Vista give me crap for trying to do so. SmartFTP decided to stop working, which sucks. Dreamweaver wouldn’t connect to my server, which also sucks. I wound up having to download CuteFTP which is cool, but I’ll be sad in 30 days when my trial runs out. Then my internet kept dropping. It wasn’t my day haha.

Anyhow! That is all taken care of now. Last night, I found a killer free (open source) template that I love (yes, I’m getting lazy with my web design, shush!) and I hooked up my XP box and modified the images and CSS to better suit my site. So over the next couple days I just need to write up the EE code and make all my pages.

Anticipate a new layout by the end of the week

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I Almost Got Rear Ended Yesterday

I went to go test drive the 2008 Toyota Yaris hatchback today. That car is fricken sweet. The gas mileage on the manual isn’t as sweet as I had hoped it would be but it is still better than what the truck gets. My saleslady was hilarious, I liked her.

So I need to re-evaluate my budget, find out if financing it or getting a personal loan is going to be cheaper, and see if buying a new car is even financially feasible. I also need to find out how much insuring it will cost. Then I have to see if I can actually bring myself to part with my darling little truck. I love Truck.

…….. but it is a really sweet little car.