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I Almost Got Rear Ended Yesterday

I went to go test drive the 2008 Toyota Yaris hatchback today. That car is fricken sweet. The gas mileage on the manual isn’t as sweet as I had hoped it would be but it is still better than what the truck gets. My saleslady was hilarious, I liked her.

So I need to re-evaluate my budget, find out if financing it or getting a personal loan is going to be cheaper, and see if buying a new car is even financially feasible. I also need to find out how much insuring it will cost. Then I have to see if I can actually bring myself to part with my darling little truck. I love Truck.

…….. but it is a really sweet little car.


  1. Jules
    Jules Nov 10, 2007

    Wait, what does the title have to do with your blog post?? I am confused.

  2. Ryan Velting
    Ryan Velting Nov 11, 2007

    i think i took the title of the post the wrong way…    :shy:

  3. spidgey
    spidgey Nov 12, 2007

    Keep the truck. Trucks are awesome. And insuring a new car is expensive.

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