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I Suck at Pool

Last night was fun. Me and Jeff went and had dinner at Chadaka which is a Thai place I found online and it was yummy. We had coconut soup with chicken, and I had Drunken Noodles w/ beef and Jeff had Crab Noodles and mmmm it was good food. And I really wanted either a pomegranite martini or a mango one,  but then I decided I didn’t want to pay $9 for it so I had Coke instead.

Anyway after dinner we went to play pool. I suck at pool. Srsly. I won the game of 8 ball on a technicality (basically the only way I win haha, Jeff scratched while he was aiming for the 8). Then I won the first game of 9 ball fair and square, then proceeded to lose the next two, because I kept missing the really painfully EASY shots. Cest la vie. At least I managed to play 4 games. Usually I get frustrated after 2. Pool takes too much concentration.

Then we watched House, and I read a book, and tried to sleep. But I couldn’t. I’m still sick, it came back out of nowhere because I was feeling fine all day yesterday until about 1 in the morning. Now I’m really sleepy and my chest hurts. Blargh.

You know. I’m really not much better at bowling either.

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  1. jessica kardon
    jessica kardon Aug 23, 2006

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