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Month: August 2006

100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 019

19: I have a habit of walking up to my friends, pressing their nose like a button, and saying “doot!” as a greeting. Or even randomly sometimes.. I think I doot Jeff’s nose at least 5 times a day.



Hahaha. This one is for Rob.

Gangsta is dead. Grime is a bore. There’s a new beat on the street and it’s called Nerdcore. This geeky hip hop subgenre, also dubbed CS rap (that’s computer science, yo!), is finally booting up with the release of Rhyme Torrents, a compilation featuring the work of more than 50 men – and even a few ladies – who bust rhymes (and C++ code). The collection is free online, so none of the artists make bank. Like all true playa MCs, they did it for the street cred. Of course, in the CS rap arena that means a Wikipedia entry, and you can’t get one of those without an official album release. Here are a few of the overclocked hustlas you can find at

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I Hate the DMV

Ack. So I forgot to pay my registration last month for my car. Got a letter today.

$40 registration fee
$8 liscence fee
$35 late fee.

Just found out the smog test that I have to have done is gonna be fifty some odd dollars. GAH.

I swear if the car doesn’t pass I’m getting rid of it.