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43 – What I Like Best

Sappy time! Cat wants to know what we like best about our lives…

I definitely have to go with my friends and family. They’re awesome ♥ Sonia participates in all my silly little whims and has adventures with me. Jeff takes care of me and lights the stove and sings happy birthday to me. My momma leaves me silly comments. Harlan supplies me with all sorts of things I need to be a big geek (yay!). Tom makes sure I don’t starve to death and that I’m caffeinated often enough to not go postal. My grandma is my safety net. And everybody else is awesome too. Without them, I’d have next to nothing.


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  1. soniaiskewl
    soniaiskewl Jul 30, 2006

    awe ♥

    katie child, i’m going INSANE.

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