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28 – I Love Thrice

Thrice is only the greatest band EVER. Srsly.

Right now I’m listening to The Artist in the Ambulance. I think later I will listen to Identity Crisis.

T&C is my ringtone when Jeff calls, only, it’s the riff from the video game, but I always think of their song when I hear it.

Misguided satellite, circle by habit, can’t find my orbit to save my life! I want to fall, I want to burn like an ignorant, crator-less meteorite. – A Torch to End All Torches


  1. Jono
    Jono Jul 29, 2006

    I was listening to Thrice earlier. I don’t have any of their CDs but I have them on a compilation. Woot.

  2. Katili
    Katili Jul 29, 2006

    Aw I have all of their CD’s haha, you should get them :)

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