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16 – The Craziness is Settling In


Sonia just yelled at Jeff instead of the dog. That was funny

I’m eating beef bowl now. It’s tasty. I’m slightly unqueasy now but I feel like I have to pee every 10 seconds. What gives?

Umh uhm uhm. Let the record show that SONIA is the whole reason I woke up.

And Jeff is singing the Sonic the Hedgehog song. I just turned Barenaked Ladies up louder to drown him out. I think he’s getting some weird sort of sick satisfaction from how miserable I am right now.

GUYS. Please comment with entry topics. I have no idea what to write about. I did food. I did drinks. I did a random childhood memory (maybe I’ll do another one of those later). IDEAS PLEASE! <33


  1. Jono
    Jono Jul 29, 2006

    You could write an entry about how great my mixtape is gonna be… ;)

  2. Cricket
    Cricket Jul 29, 2006

    my butt hurts…but sanity still lingers here

  3. Utopia
    Utopia Jul 29, 2006

    You could write about your life adventures. The dumbest thing you’ve ever done that didn’t seem quite so dumb at the time.

  4. annissa
    annissa Jul 29, 2006

    hey there… just wanted to stop in and say hello… great job!

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