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This Is Titleless, Oh My!

At some point, I am quite sure I will eventually catch up on my sleep.  Just not anytime soon!

Busy busy weekend. Friday night The Sonia and I went on a misadventure and it was fun. First off, I couldn’t drive my truck normally for a few miles ‘cause the mechanic readjusted my clutch (apparently it was riding high, so I had to get used to it all over again because it was engaging in a different place).. so that was fun. THEN OMG WE GOT STUCK ON A BIG HILL LOOKING FOR PARKING o_O It was scurry. I was going up the hill,  but not fast enough so suddenly I was not moving. GAH. So Sonia starts hyperventilating and I’m like “GAAAAH OMG WHAT DO I DOOOOO?!?!?!?!” so I remembered that somebody said “lot’s of gas” so I gave it lots of gas and my tire squealed but I didn’t roll backwards :D I hope to never stop on a hill again haha.

So we finally found parking but the sign said we had to be out by 11. So we sprinted to the bar, and Carlton from Fresh Prince was there haha. Anyway me and Sonia grabbed a drink, drank it fast, talked about random things like we love to do and sprinted back to the truck at 10:56. YAY! So then we went to Hilary’s house and hung out there for a few hours and it was fun.

Then Saturday morning I took Vinz to Puppy Graduation and he was all sorts of excited for some reason. I mean, he’s always hyper… but this was extreme even by his standards. Weirdo. Anyway, after that I went to lunch with Jeff while he has his car washed. Then it started raining. Poor Jeff.

So then I was stuck in traffic on the 101 because I am an idiot and didn’t know that even though I was going south, I needed the 101 north to get to the 405. So eventually when I wound up in downtown LA and still hadn’t hit the freeway I figured out I went the wrong way. But at that point it was easier to take the other freeway and just chalk it up to going the long way to Culver City. I’m a special brand of stupid Once I hit the 110 I knew exactly where I was going, because that’s how I used to get to Santa Monica from Glendale. La la la.

Me and Jeremy played Wii for a while and I made a total dork of myself playing golf “Katie! We’re playing golf, not baseball!” Well whatever, I made it in the hole eventually :blush: Actually, I played Wii for a long time. I started playing Zelda and like, an hour later I was like “…. oh man I’ve been playing this longer than I thought”. It was horridly fun and now I kind of want one. I made a Mii and it’s totally awesome.

Then we went to a party in a shady part of town and left after not too long because one of Jeremy’s friends was afraid he was going to die. That was the end of that *shrug* More Wii was played and it was funny watching people play bowling.

Sunday I went to go see my aunt from my dad’s side of the family. I hadn’t seen anybody in years… it was nice. I get my “no sense of direction whatsoever” from my dad’s side, along with the phrase “holy hell that’s obnoxious… I LOVE IT!” haha

Then (omg could this weekend possibly have been any more packed with things to do!?) I went to pick up Jeff, and we played video games, then went and had a very yummy sushi dinner (I love California rolls) and did laundry and watched half a movie before I was so exhausted I don’t even remember dragging my butt to bed.

And now I am at work, and my coworker is back from London and he brought me a totally rad fishie purse and an England Beanie and a key chain. I’ve been here an hour and a half and have yet to start actually working.


Video Games Whee

I broke down yesterday and ordered a pink DS from evilBay. My impatience cost me about.. $30 or so. Not too bad actually, for $30 I get my DS today or tomorrow instead of… two weeks from now is what the estimates were saying. The entire universe is still sold out of the things. And hello, it’s PINK! :D Yay. I bought Final Fantasy III yesterday. Does anybody have Animal Crossing? Did I ask that already? Anyway, if you have it and wi-fi, give me your friend code so I can visit your town :D I’ll post mine later, it’s gonna change when I get my DS and give the one I’m borrowing back. Also, those of you that don’t have Cooking Mama need to get it, it is the second most stupidly-fun game on earth (the first of course, being Katamari Damacy).


I don’t have any New Year’s plans made yet. I think I’m going to go with Sonia‘s offer of “I don’t know what I’m doing yet but you should come with me!” hehe. I bought something to wear. It’s gonna be rad. Pictures coming after New Year’s.  And yay 3 day weekend!


Hello World

I don’t have any coherent thoughts to put together a well written post, but I do have enough semi-coherent thoughts to make a… written post

one: My earlobe hurts. My odd hole was half closed and that made me not happy because I like having an uneven number of piercings! So I reopened it with my sharpest earring (which is still pretty dull). Vaseline would have made it a much more pleasant experience but I didn’t have any.

two: My car is working. I took the battery out (read: Jeff stood there for 15 minutes with a pair of pliers unscrewing things and carrying the battery around for me) and had it tested.. the guy looked at the battery, looked at the reader, looked at me and said “Lady, this thing wouldn’t run a lawn mower!” hahaha. It was spitting out 2 volts of power. TWO VOLTS! That probably wouldn’t even run my Gameboy :| So I bought a new one and put it in (read: Jeff stood there for another 5 minutes with a pair of pliers re-screwing things) and viola, Betty turned on. Hopefully this will fix the stalling problem. At least I got the full 4 years out of the old battery.

three: The art school is DUMB. Nobody answers their phone and the operator doesn’t know anybody’s email address. WTF? They all follow the same format! Like here at work.. first initial, last name (in most cases. Mine isn’t like that for no apparent reason). Stupid stupid stupid. I bet those checks are going to get there today and I swear on everything holy if they send them back to the state again I will do something drastic like burn the school down. I stopped going there over a year ago, I should NOT still have to be dealing with these morons!!111eleventy-one! Yes I’m frustrated. I WANT MY REFUND DAMMIT!

four: Good weekend. Friday I played video games at the arcade and remembered exactly why DDR requires pants. << insert image of Katie hopping around holding her skirt down and almost falling over >>

I guess I deserved it for making Rob look like a dork though. Then we drove down big hills in neutral ignoring stop signs and it was great fun. Saturday I got my car fixed and had the oil changed. Played with Poopy. Watched a movie. Yelled at Jeff in the middle of the street at 1 in the morning. Bought mango Malibu and pineapple juice and watched (read: slept through 80% of) another movie. Then Sunday I cleaned the bedroom (sort of) and did a load of laundry. Went out to dinner with Hilary and Paula. Went to a comedy show with Jeff. That’s about it. What about you guys?

five: Clubhouse from Swork is the best coffee on earth kthxbye.


17 – The Sims 2!

So I like me my video games. Right now I’m slacking on them but when I do play, I play LOTS of Sims 2 hehe. There’s just something so fun about ruining a Sim’s life when I’ve had a bad day.

I also download tons of stuff.. you wouldn’t believe how distressed I was when I accidentally deleted my custom download folder o_O

So I’m pretty excited for the Pets expansion.. Unleashed was one of my favorites for Sims 1. Yay puppies and kitties!!

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