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Tag: translation error

English (US) to English (UK) Translation Failure

Or: “Open mouth, insert foot”. This is probably only funny if you Speak British™, and I’m not explaining it if you don’t get it, cause then it’s not funny!

On Saturday, I was wandering around Oxford with my coworker Simon, who was semi-showing me around (every other thing he said was “Oh, I didn’t know that was there!”). I was commenting on how much better my photos would be if I didn’t have to take them from below. This is the resulting conversation:

Me: “Hmm. It would be awesome if I could levitate!”
Simon: “Yes, that would work quite well.”
Me: *looks down at skirt* “Though, I suppose if I could levitate, I’d have to wear pants more often.”
Simon: “….. o_O”

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