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Results for CSIS260 Midterm Fall
Student Name: Katie Wagner
Student ID: ********
Score: 48 / 50 (96%)


I hope I missed the question that had 2 answers that mean the EXACT SAME THING so that I can argue about that and get 98% :D

Edit: Ok, 1 of the ones I missed, I really missed, and the other one was a question that had the wrong answer coded. So I got a 98% (and yes, I got the highest score in the class!) Also, I’m obnoxious and took the in class part and, (in the words of Rob) tied it down, listened to it scream, beat it, cut it’s head off, and handed it in to the teacher. In other words, I annalihated it. :D

PS: the new coffee machine is already busted.


The Absent Mind Strikes Again

So. Hahaha. I have this $80 bookthat I’m supposed to buy for my HTML class and I was trying to avoid buying it cause I already know all the stuff we’re going over… but alas, all the assignments are straight out of the book so I need it. So I found a copy on EBAY for $20.. and I think, “SWEET!!!!!” so I click the BIN button. My book turns up today.. it’s 125 pages. MY book is… uhm, over 500? WTF?! So I click back to my auction.. yeah. It’s the brief version. It has the first 2 chapters. So it’s not even a useful cheap! OH. EM. GEE.

I mean, if it like, ONLY had the review instructions in it, it’d be perfect. That’d be a great definition of the word “Brief”. But the first 2 chapters?! WHO HAS ANY USE FOR THAT?!?!?!?!??!?!111

So the description in the auction is perfect, I just didn’t read that part. I can’t even be annoyed at the seller! THIS SUCKS.