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New Body Mod

I got a new piercing today, as you know if you saw my newest mobile photo. I’d been wanting to get my tragus pierced for over a year and a half, and I finally got around to it.

So, it didn’t feel like what I expected. It was a good 5 minutes of “Ow. Ow. Ow!” but not as bad as I had thought. I also hadn’t realized how long it takes to do the piercing. It was pretty intensive. It stopped hurting really fast though. When I got my cartilage pierced, it hurt for a good 2 hours of throbbing afterward. This is just red and swollen.

It looks pretty sweet though. So now I just need 2 more ear piecings and another tattoo and I think I’ll be done.

I’m in Seattle right now. Post about my trip when I get home tomorrow night.

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Hello World

I don’t have any coherent thoughts to put together a well written post, but I do have enough semi-coherent thoughts to make a… written post

one: My earlobe hurts. My odd hole was half closed and that made me not happy because I like having an uneven number of piercings! So I reopened it with my sharpest earring (which is still pretty dull). Vaseline would have made it a much more pleasant experience but I didn’t have any.

two: My car is working. I took the battery out (read: Jeff stood there for 15 minutes with a pair of pliers unscrewing things and carrying the battery around for me) and had it tested.. the guy looked at the battery, looked at the reader, looked at me and said “Lady, this thing wouldn’t run a lawn mower!” hahaha. It was spitting out 2 volts of power. TWO VOLTS! That probably wouldn’t even run my Gameboy :| So I bought a new one and put it in (read: Jeff stood there for another 5 minutes with a pair of pliers re-screwing things) and viola, Betty turned on. Hopefully this will fix the stalling problem. At least I got the full 4 years out of the old battery.

three: The art school is DUMB. Nobody answers their phone and the operator doesn’t know anybody’s email address. WTF? They all follow the same format! Like here at work.. first initial, last name (in most cases. Mine isn’t like that for no apparent reason). Stupid stupid stupid. I bet those checks are going to get there today and I swear on everything holy if they send them back to the state again I will do something drastic like burn the school down. I stopped going there over a year ago, I should NOT still have to be dealing with these morons!!111eleventy-one! Yes I’m frustrated. I WANT MY REFUND DAMMIT!

four: Good weekend. Friday I played video games at the arcade and remembered exactly why DDR requires pants. << insert image of Katie hopping around holding her skirt down and almost falling over >>

I guess I deserved it for making Rob look like a dork though. Then we drove down big hills in neutral ignoring stop signs and it was great fun. Saturday I got my car fixed and had the oil changed. Played with Poopy. Watched a movie. Yelled at Jeff in the middle of the street at 1 in the morning. Bought mango Malibu and pineapple juice and watched (read: slept through 80% of) another movie. Then Sunday I cleaned the bedroom (sort of) and did a load of laundry. Went out to dinner with Hilary and Paula. Went to a comedy show with Jeff. That’s about it. What about you guys?

five: Clubhouse from Swork is the best coffee on earth kthxbye.


10 – Tragedy in the Katie House

I just realized that both of my super pretty (and slightly pricey) 10 gauge earrings fell out of my ears last night. I found 1 of them in the bathtub (…. I don’t even know how it got there) but the other one is missing in action. I suspect it may have gone down the drain, or it might be in a totally bizzarre, random place.

I’m kind of sad. Now I have to buy new ones, and if I don’t get something in these soon, I’m going to have to hunt down all my other earrings so I can stretch them back up to 10.

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