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Tag: music

Overplayed Love

Radio stations really like to find a song and play it into the ground, don’t they? They’ll play a song, I’ll like it, and then they’ll KEEP PLAYING IT until I hate it. But, every now and then a song will survive. Here are three examples:

You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

She’s adorable and the song is sweet. Don’t judge me!

Bulletproof by La Roux

It’s a fun, catchy song. I miss the 80’s.

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

It’s just fun to sing along with in the car.

These may not be overplayed anymore, but they were back when I actually listened to the radio. Also, I have bad taste in music, as evidenced by my account.

What overplayed songs do you love, anyway?


14 – Listening To: Basement Jaxx

I’m listening to Basement Jaxx right now.. I have Kish Kash. This girl has an amazing range, it’s really quite impressive. I put techno on cause… it was probably the happiest music I have? Sonia requested ska but I don’t really have any.

Vinz is giving me the “I have to go potty NOW” look, I’d better take him outside.