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Tag: dmv

DMV is going DOWN.

So, as I previously mentioned, I had this fix-it ticket for not telling the CA DMV that I had moved. Ok, easy to fix, right? Yeah. I did the online change of address thing, and then I even got an Oregon drivers license. Easy-peasy. Except now, nobody wants to sign off my ticket. Uhm… yeah. The traffic officer at the police station wouldn’t do it, the Oregon DMV wouldn’t do it (ok so that one made me mad, cause the lady I talked to at the court said that the OR DMV would sign off on it when I got my license. grrrr!)… so Portland is a good 400 miles away from the court I’m supposed to show up at.

So at this point my options appear to be:
1) Take an unpaid day off work, drive to the court for my court date and be like “Yo, I took care of it” and drive back.
2) Send in a check for $150 for my ticket since it hasn’t been signed off.

Option 2 would be cheaper. But ya know, I really don’t want to pay the ticket because I did everything everybody said I was supposed to do.

DMV, CHP, Yreka County… you guys are going DOWN. *grumble*

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