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Tag: Blogathon 2006

34 – Let’s Rant About Ralphs

Since I moved, I’ve been shopping at Ralphs. I’ve yet to locate an Albertsons and Ralphs is close.

I don’t like Ralphs. The aisles are not really organized in a comprehensive way. They cost more most of the time. Their store brand is not as good.


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33 – Moooooooooooo!!

I made the mistake of asking AIM Chat for post topics, hehe. Nikki suggested beef. I took the liberty of broadening the topic a little.

Let’s talk cows!

I love cows. They are responsible for such yummy things like hamburgers, beef jerky, and steaks of all kinds. They also give milk! I love milk. I love meatballs, I love hamburgers (well done please), I love ground beef with potatos, spaghetti sauce with meat… all cow! And without milk I could not enjoy my cereal. Or strawberry milk. Or ice cream, oh noes!

So I hereby dedicate this entry to cows. Cheers!

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32 – The Concert Situation

I love me my concerts

The last one I went to was Muse. OMG it was amazing. Definitely quite an experience.
Before that I saw.. Atreyu, Thrice, Story of the Year, Avenged Sevenfold, and some other bands.

Two words: MOSH PIT!

Coming up next is.. Panic! at the Disco.. and then AFI… and then my VIP Pimp Status for Godsmack and Rob Zombie.

Good times will be had!

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31 – I Keep Missing My Window

Every time I start a post, I think “Ok when I finish I’m going to RUN to my car and speed to the store and get something to eat!!!” and EVERYTIME I get distracted. And I really do need the full half hour to get there :| Boo.

I want some fruit. And some yogurt.

No one’s gonna take me aliiiiiive, the time has come to make things riiiiight!
You and I must fight for our riiiights, you and I must fight to surviiiive!

Sonia needs to come back now.
And Jeff needs to come too. With birthday cake. And a flower.

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30 – Paging Luka!!

Ooooh Luka!

This little spot right here is just dying for you to fill it!

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