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2020: A Recap

Been a quiet couple years here on KSF, huh? Not even annual recaps! Spoiler alert, I had another baby in that time lol but that’s another post. Let’s just talk about the dumpster fire that was 2020 here. Ok actually my year wasn’t all that terrible besides us all being a little stir crazy.

  • Went to Disneyland before all the COVID madness happened, a perfectly timed trip! We all had a great time, especially Miles. It was also great to see some of my family while I was there!
  • Got to spend a little time visiting the library with the kids
  • I started preparing to launch a photography business
  • COVID happened.
  • Pretty much everything got put on hold: no more library, very few friends, definitely no photography business
  • Learned a lot about running a business in preparation fro when I do get to launch
  • Did a LOT of sewing and started knitting again
  • Had my gallbladder removed, still recovering since that was just a few days ago.

That’s about it. Here’s hoping that next year things get back under control and that life can get back to semi-normal. The kids really miss seeing people and going places, but they’re handling it decently.

2021: please don’t suck too much, thanks.

I’m not planning on a specific 2021 Goals post because well, I don’t have it in my to have all my plans be ruined again haha, so I’ll just toss it in here; I’m making another attempt at a 365 Project so I’ll probably do some photo posts here with those, maybe once a month. Or not cause we know how this blog goes… meh. If you want to follow in more real time I’ll be posting on Instagram.

Ok, I’m out! Happy New Year everybody.