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Year: 2011

NaNo Day 2 Stats

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 1692
Total Words Written: 4256
Write-ins attended: 1
Words Written at a Write-in Today: 0
Total Words Written at Write-ins: 2001
Cups of Coffee: 3
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 1
Named Characters Killed: 0
Scenes Completed: 7
Scenes that Will Probably be Cut Later: 3
Random Ideas Generated: 4

Random Thoughts:

  • My main character is not acting like himself.
  • Had a hard time focusing today, took me a while to get going.
  • I didn’t write as much as I would have liked today. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Made word count for the day at least, though!

Last Line I Wrote Today:

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she scoffed, pulling her helmet onto her head. “He’s trying to kill me.”


“You’re out of your damn fool mind, you know that?” I declared, “You really should get the hell out of here before Violet sees you. I’ll even forget that I saw you, as a courtesy.” She laughed at that.

“Oh Jude. Violet isn’t going to be here any time soon, she’s busy. Besides, you’re already in this one with me. I’ve got evidence, and I know Violet’s mailing address.” I looked up at only the security camera that would have had a clear shot of us and grinned.

“What, from that? It’s not recording anything, not with the kinds of things that go on around here.”

“It is now, and it’s streaming everything to a location you won’t find.” She pulled a phone out of her corset and showed me a picture of the two of us sitting at the bar, with me accepting the envelope that was still between us. Well shit. She was playing my game, and playing it well.

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NaNo Day 1 Stats

I shamelessly stole the idea and part of the format for novel stats from The Crystalline Aerie; I hope she doesn’t mind! I’m going to call these stats “accountability”.

General Stats:

Words Written Today: 2564
Total Words Written: 2564
Write-ins attended: 1
Words Written at a Write-in Today: 2001
Total Words Written at Write-ins: 2001
Cups of Coffee: 2
Plans Changed to Accommodate More Writing: 1
Named Characters Killed: 0
Scenes Completed: 4
Scenes that Will Probably be Cut Later: 2
Random Ideas Generated: 3

Random Thoughts:

  • Scrivener, where have you been all my life?!
  • Fact: coffee tastes better at midnight, which I verified at the midnight kick-off write in I attended.
  • My brain responds very oddly when I ask it, “what’s a good reason for the MC to leave his house right now?”
  • My writing is still pretty bad haha.
  • I’m a terrible speller.

Favorite Line I Wrote Today:

“I had assumed that no longer sweating meant that I didn’t have to do laundry ever again, but the fact of the matter was that some ladies still didn’t appreciate my charm, and red wine stains refuse to take themselves out of most fabrics.”

Best Typos/Fake Words of the Day:

  • Demin
  • comiseraters

Opening Lines:

I politely waited for a moment for the swell of applause to die down, at least enough to talk over. In that moment, I really let it all sink in; where I was, what I had accomplished, and the price I paid to get there. The bright lights, the million eyes on me, and the rolling cameras were amazing, despite the heavy weight on the sliver of soul I had left. Somewhere in those million eyes, there were two that were filled with the tears from a broken heart.

I briefly asked myself, was it worth it? Everything, to be right here, right now?



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NaNoWriMo, Take… Six?

In a mere three hours, I will be starting what I believe is my sixth attempt at NaNoWriMo. My book keeping is a bit fuzzy. Those of you that know me know that I’ve tried and failed multiple times, but I keep getting on the horse. Why? I don’t know, probably because I’m a little crazy and/or masochistic.

To me, the important part is that I have fun when I’m trying. My discipline gets a little better every year, as does my writing. So I keep trying, because one of these years, I’ll win.

My novel-attempt this year is a social commentary on fame vs. infamy buried under a layer (or five) of vampires, the equivalent of Lady GaGa if she was made of magic and wrote Norwegian Death Ballads, and general depravity.

Will this year be the one that I win? It’d be nice if it was, but if it’s not, I’ll try again next year.

Because really, I’m not a failure until I stop trying.

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RIP, MyTouch 4G.

I woke up late for work today, which doesn’t happen often. I woke up to the sound of my dog barking at the window instead of my standard alarm, because for some reason my phone was off. That was really odd, because it had been on an hour earlier when I woke up before the alarm was set to go off. So I tried to turn my phone back on and got no response.

Like any good techie, I removed the battery for a few minutes and put it back in. Huzzah, the phone turned back on! But, 20 minutes later when I went to check something on it, it was off again. Rinse and repeat about 4 times (once in the middle of trying to factory reset it), and I found myself at T-Mobile being all like, “WTF mates”.

They were able to successfully reset the phone, and it stayed on for a whole hour, yay! But then it started doing the same thing again, booo. Took it back, got a new battery, didn’t even make it out of the parking lot before the phone shut off.

So now I’m waiting for a replacement. Chances are it’ll be a refurbished phone, which sucks cause mine is still pretty new. But if it works, whatever. The problem is that the new phone probably won’t be here until Thursday at best, possibly Friday, but with my luck, more likely not until Monday. Until then, I don’t really have a phone.

Karmimi… we need to have words. They start with, “I hate you so much” and end with “die in a fire”.