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It’s Too Quiet…

Hmm. I seem to have not updated in a while. No good!!

So what have I been up to? Well, I’ve been kind of dragging my feet through the last couple weeks here at work. I’m just antsy to start my new job and haven’t been able to focus. I’ve also been trying to finish up this stupid filing project so the new girl isn’t stuck with it. I must be nuts… who files at a place they’re leaving?! Hah.

What else… meh. I’ve been mostly trying to stay busy and keep my mind of of stuff, like Tom. Sitting around at home mostly alone is just making me sad. I stick around for a bit so that Xoie can run around but yeah. I’ve been out with the few friends that I have, or out driving, and what not. I’ve watched a LOT of movies in the past week but none of them really stick out in my head. I’m alright, I’m just kind of stuck in a rut right now.

But, I did get to go out to dinner last week with an old friend, and Yoshi was here for a book-signing and we hung out and it was fun (you can read all about it in his blog post titled My day in Beaverton), and what else…. oh, on Friday I went out with a bunch of people that work where I will be working next week (one of my friends invited me out with them) so that was fun. We drank way too much and they probably won’t remember me next week lol but it will be nice to at least vaguely recognize a few faces I almost lost my phone and that would have sucked, but I found it in my truck, whew! And I played Guitar Hero for the first time on Saturday and it was fun, and we made sundaes. I’ve been shopping a couple times and things like that… busy busy. I am rather exhausted though. This “being out a lot” thing is kind of new to me. I’m having fun, but still in my rut.

I am starting to feel better though. We’re getting along better. I’m moving in a month and a half or so which will definitely help, so that my brain doesn’t start going off and thinking things about where Tom is and what he might be doing, because that just doesn’t do me any good. I’m starting my new job next week which I am excited for… I’m going up to Seattle this weekend… yeah, things will look up. I just need some more time I think.

And then I can stop with the depressing posts haha


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Mar 10, 2008

    it does you good to get out and have some fun. :D

    Hope your weekend in seattle is fun!

    I had some fun in portland!

  2. Mr. Fabulous
    Mr. Fabulous Mar 10, 2008

    Go out and have lots of tawdry adventures, so you can tell the stories when you do the radio show!

  3. Katili
    Katili Mar 10, 2008

    Yoshi – I am so randomly stopping at your house on the way back, hahaha :)

    Mr Fab – That is a brilliant idea!

  4. yoshi
    yoshi Mar 10, 2008

    Yeah, i’ve gotta make sure the house is clean before you get here. hahaha

  5. daniel
    daniel Mar 11, 2008

    site works great!! :)

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