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Doggy Parks

So, I took Xoie to the dog park over the weekend. Gotta start in on that puppy socialization and all. Xoie, like Vinz, is very much a people-puppy. However, to my delight, Xoie is not terrified of other dogs the same way Vinz was.

We started out at the little dog park, seeing as though she is only 5.5 pounds and about 4 inches off the ground. She was not very amused by the little dogs though. When we took her to meet Tom’s dad’s dogs, she was trying to jump on the big one’s head. So after a little while we went over to the all-size dog side. She was having a BLAST! …that is, until the 3 big dogs that were wrestling FELL on her. There was easily 115+ pounds of dog on top of my poor little 5 pound baby. So she wasn’t feeling so playful after then. She ran over to me and made the “please pick me up” face and became flop-dog on my shoulder. Tried going back to the small dog park, but she just wasn’t having it.

So then the next day we went back and she was queen of the little dogs, until somebody taller than her slobbered on her. Dog drool and dirt… ugh. So then it was bath time when we got back home.


I wonder if maybe just bringing another small dog to my house for a few hours would be a better first step than the dog park. I wanted her to run around and wear herself out but she didn’t really do it.  Any suggestions?


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 26, 2008

    If you have friends that have dogs, it’s not a bad idea to stop by with them I’d say. But bringing her to park isn’t bad either I’d say. But who knows, I’m no dog whisperer. lol

  2. sir jorge
    sir jorge Feb 26, 2008

    beware of those that like feet…foot fetishes are extremely popular in these days….and I see a foot…not a dog.

    just kidding…or am i?


  3. Judi
    Judi Feb 26, 2008

    We have 3 dogs… socialization here has never been an issue, ha!  I’ve never been to a dog park, but I imagine for a shy dog it could be intimidating.  I’d just take her with you every where you go… she’ll get to meet people and slowly get use to other dogs, too.  She’s a cutie!

  4. Melissa
    Melissa Feb 27, 2008

    have a dog party at your place where all of your friends who have dogs come and eat cake (or something) while the dogs get together to play and eat dog bones (or again.. something)?

    as for my 403 error, next time just remove the www from my url. Something got messed up in my .htaccess file and I haven’t found/figured it out yet. Comotized is still there though ;)

  5. Katili
    Katili Feb 27, 2008

    @jorge: you realize now that you said foot, it’s gonna pop up in searches now? there was nothing about it but the picture until you came along lmao :p

  6. daniel
    daniel Feb 29, 2008

    i think someone would have to say “HOT FOOT PIC” or “NAKED GIRL FOOT” to really get you the freaks on the google…

    oh. oops!  ;)

  7. Katili
    Katili Feb 29, 2008

    Daniel, you are a terrible person.
    lol :)

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