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It’s A Gas

When I first moved to Oregon, I felt slightly insulted that the gas stations are all full-serve because of state law. I had a very “I can pump my own damn gas, thank you very much!” attitude.

A month later, when I went to pick up Vinz, when I got to California and had to get gas, I looked at the prices and thought “… so I have to pay $0.20/gallon more for the ‘privilege’ of pumping my own gas?! That blows.”

Today as I rolled up to get gas (and made Tom pump it hahaha) I thought, “Man this is nice! I can’t believe I used to have to get my butt out of the car and do this myself.”

I’m such a dork.


  1. Melissa
    Melissa Apr 27, 2007

    lol I can see you just kickin it in the car while someone pumps the gas.

    All of our stations are self serve the closest i’ve come to service is kicking cody in the rear and making him do it hehe

  2. Jess
    Jess Apr 30, 2007

    They do the whole full-service gas stations thing in Jersey, too. It freaked me out the first time I was there visiting my in-laws.

  3. sonia!
    sonia! Apr 30, 2007

    LUCKY!!!!  *jealous*

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