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Month: April 2007

It’s A Gas

When I first moved to Oregon, I felt slightly insulted that the gas stations are all full-serve because of state law. I had a very “I can pump my own damn gas, thank you very much!” attitude.

A month later, when I went to pick up Vinz, when I got to California and had to get gas, I looked at the prices and thought “… so I have to pay $0.20/gallon more for the ‘privilege’ of pumping my own gas?! That blows.”

Today as I rolled up to get gas (and made Tom pump it hahaha) I thought, “Man this is nice! I can’t believe I used to have to get my butt out of the car and do this myself.”

I’m such a dork.


Forever Feels Like Home

Sha la la la la. Lot’s to blog about, and practically NO attention span to do it. I feel like a sea monkey on crack this week.

Yesterday I was out way too late. Ooops. I had meant to be home like, 2 hours earlier. It was one of Tom’s friend’s birthday, so we were over at his house but we didn’t even get there until almost 11. So I got home at like, 2 in the morning then had to be at work at 7:30 this morning. It was awesome.

Today was Admin Appreciation Day so my boss bought me lunch, and I was excited to finally eat something that wasn’t a 99 cent hamburger for lunch. I swear I’ve been living off of 1 whopper jr a day for the past week and a half. But my federal tax refund finally came and I will buy a real meal, then make a payment on my credit card. Yup. Stupid responsibility. Anyway, then we had our First Quarter Oregon Banquet thingy with work. We went bowling in Vancouver (yey! I can add another state to my list of states I’ve been to!).. it was pretty sweet because we got upgraded to the best private room they have, and we got to keep it all night instead of for half an hour. Anyway we had awards and pizza and beer and then bowled and I won a paid day off from work in a raffle. I had 3 tickets in there for my 3 strikes and then I won. YAY DAY OFF! So I’m going to take a Tuesday off because that’s one of Tom’s days off. And we will go find something fun and exciting to do.

I found a spider in my hair and now my whole head itches. I need a shower. Aaaaand that’s a wrap.


A Hundred and Twenty One Dollars Later

I went to the DMV yesterday and got Oregon license plates. It cost me $121, lord. Did I even have that much money in the bank? I hope so. Anyway. So I get my plates and stickers and come home and get the back California plate off with my Swiss Army knife and put the new Oregon one on, yay. Then I go around to the front of the truck, and it has a really weird bolt thing that I don’t have the tool to get off, and trying to do it by hand was futile.

So my truck has one Oregon plate, and one California plate. I’m a ticket just waiting to happen.


An Exit to Eternal Summer Slacking….

but where they going without ever knowing the way?

Random mood today. La la la.

So I went outside and was wearing my sunglasses and my raincoat at the same time, and not just because I was being random, but because they were both necessary. It was bright and sunny, and pouring rain at the same time. It made for a pretty rainbow though! It was weird today because first it was foggy, then it drizzled, then it was sunny, then it hailed, then it was sunny and raining at the same time… I think right now it’s just cold.

So we replaced 5 of the 6 spark plugs yesterday before we called it a day because it was raining on us then it got dark. The check engine light is off and the truck isn’t putt-putting anymore, but I do want to change that last one and the wires still.

I forgot what else I wanted to blog about. I am distracted by my pot pie and the fact that Tom will be here in like, 20 minutes. Ta!

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Putt-Putting Along

My poor little truck is going *putt putt putt ZOOOM putt putt putt putt putt ZOOOM putt…* right now :( I noticed it shifting oddly about a week and a half ago. I told Tom that it felt like it was driving funny but he said it felt ok to him (pfft. What does he know? :wink: )

So then on Friday it stopped accelerating well and started doing this putt-putt thing and I was like “… GAH!” and THEN the check engine light turned on and I was like, “.. AHHHHH DON’T DIE TRUCK I’M SORRY I HAVEN’T GIVEN YOU A NAME YET!!!”

… speaking of which, my truck needs a name, please comment with ideas for me, I’m stumped. Dark blue/purple dodge dakota. Kthx.

Anyhow, I went to JiffyLube to have them tell me why the light was on and the dude said “ok my computer says the light is saying that Cylindar 4 is misfiring. I have no clue what that means.” and I was like, “I don’t either but thanks.” then putt-putted back home.

So Friday and Saturday I didn’t really go much of anywhere. I drove down to a shop on Saturday but they were closed, so yesterday I took it to Tom’s dad and we checked the spark plugs (I learned something new! He told me about how they work, in layman’s terms. *BOOM!* teehee). He says that if I have the spark plugs and the wires replaced, that should fix the problem. We ran a little tester thing between them, and while the plug on cylinder 4 *was* firing, it didn’t look too stable. The truck ran better for a while, with us kind of resetting that connection.

So yeah, Tom is going to replace those for me tonight and then hopefully Nameless will be all better Now. Any name ideas?!