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Le Sigh, I am Le Bored.

Why is the internet so boring today? There’s hardly anybody online, hardly anybody has updated today… what gives? Yoshi says perhaps everybody is actually working. I say, why on earth would they be doing that?! Haha

2007 was on slight break because my camera battery was dead and I couldn’t find the charger but it is working now. I didn’t get a chance to post last night, but when I get home yesterday’s and today’s pictures will be up. Yay!

I have like, no plans this weekend. I plan to be bored and lonely haha. It might be a nice break from how jam-packed the last two weekends have been… or it might be boring and lonely! We shall see.

That it all. Why isn’t it 5 yet?


  1. Jules
    Jules Feb 2, 2007

    I’d be on more but Kailyn is being a royal terror today.

  2. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 3, 2007

    I’m tired. I don’t feel like doing anything today.

  3. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Feb 3, 2007

    I’m sick, as a dog. So I’ve not been around as much. ::naseous::

  4. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 3, 2007

    You misspelled nauseous. just saying.

  5. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Feb 3, 2007

    Actually Mr. Smarty Pants…I spelled it the way it’s misspelled on the smileys for the nauseous smiley…so…the only thing I really did wrong was use the wrong syntax to get the smiley to show up (since clicking the smiley didn’t work). So there. Don’t even make me post Jr. High pictures of you in your silver NASA jacket on the internets…I will. :p

  6. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 3, 2007

    then whoever invented smileys needs to spell it right.

    and if you think that posting pictures of me in any situation will embarrass me, then feel free. I think I do a good enough job of embarrassing myself. :p

  7. Katili
    Katili Feb 3, 2007

    Hey! Knock it off! There will be no fighting about spelling on my blog :p *sends you both to your rooms*

    As for the smilies, I’m not sure why they randomly broke. I’ll fix it soon-ish.

  8. yoshi
    yoshi Feb 3, 2007

    Hahaha! :devil:

  9. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Feb 6, 2007

    He started it. Just sayin’. *pouts*

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