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Month: November 2006

What Katie Wants for Christmas

Sadly, I think my List of Things I Want is longer than my List of People Who Love Me. Ah well.

  • 2 gb (or more hehe) Compact Flash card for my new camera. 128meg isn’t going to fly with this baby.
  • Filters/lenses/camera bag for said camera.
  • webcam for the techno-geek in me.
  • a new bedframe because mine is about to collapse. I wouldn’t mind a springy-thing either. I don’t have one, just a buddy board.
  • A tokidoki bag. I blame Sonia for that one. I want either Ciao Ciao, Bella, or Bambino in Citta Rosa. I was looking at the fall collection. I REALLY want Dolce or Bambino in Inferno. Portatelefono is probably the right size for my cellphone too… However, I know that nobody loves me $100-purse worth lmao.
  • A Bluetooth headset.
  • Playstation 2 and Katamri Damacy.
  • Random little accessories and clothing items.
  • Pink creepers.
  • Jeans that actually fit me.
  • Gift cards and cash donations towards keeping me fed and my phone bill paid.

etc etc etc.


Christmas at KSF

OMG I am so behind on organizing my Christmas things. Thanks to the always, well, fabulous Mr. Fab for making his post and reminding me that I need to get my act together and make my post here and on a message board.

SO. Uhm, I have Christmas cards for people. If you want one, email me with your address.
lifelessmind [@] gmail [dot] com


Now I’m Far Beyond Gone

Wow my control panel is painful from my phone.

Hi world! I’m on a train to Santa Barbara right now. I just about had a heart attack thinking I was sippossed to switch trains and that I was going backwards now, but it turns out camereo and carpenteria are two different cities :tongue:

I had a friend up until Ventura, then he got off. It amazes me how easily I can talk to people if I will never see them again but I can’t make friends close by very well. I suck.

I love how my entry about going to the dentist became a party. Sadistic bunch of freaks! :cheers:

I shall leave you with: FACÉ!!!!! *dies laughing*


My Teeth are Tingly

I went to the dentist today because I chipped a filling somehow. It didn’t hurt but I wanted to get it fixed before it did start getting painful. So I’m pretty sure I could bite off the whole left side of my lip and not even notice it.

Actually, the novacaine is starting to wear off now and I have that weird kind of tingling feeling. Blah. I’m also kind of hungry but I probably WOULD bite my lip off trying to chew. My mouth feels like it’s all swollen.

But my tooth is fixed now


The Battle Rages On

LMAO. This Katie vs. T-Mobile thing is becoming an epic saga.

So as we know, my phone is not registering buttons properly and was calling people at 2 in the morning. This may be my fault in reality, but it’s really not…

I went to one of those “authorized t-mobile merchant” stands and showed them how my phone was acting. The lady takes the battery out and goes “… wow. That’s a refurbished phone hon.” and I go “… oh? Cause it’s supposed to be new.” And she goes, “yeah, see that sticker there that says ‘made in Mexico’? None of my phones have that, and they come directly from Blackberry corporate.” “I see.” So she calls up, and my IMEI number isn’t even registered haha. Apparently my phone doesn’t exist. Sweet!

So I come back to work and call t-mobile and tell them how my phone is acting. Then I tell them about the sticker, and how the corner of it is UNDER the sticker with the IMEI and all that stuff on it, and how I was supposed to have gotten a brand new phone.. “Ok, please send the phone to this address, call us back with the tracking number, we’ll credit you the cost of shipping and send you a new one.” “.. that’s it? OK!” *hangs up*

Omission is not lying.

Hopefully my phone doesn’t smell like eggnog chai latte on the inside.