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I am SUCH a City Girl

I went camping this weekend. My favorite view was the one of Downtown LA through the mountains and the fog on the way home

The moblog has a couple of pictures.

It was a good time though. Lots of tasty food. Nice, toasty campfires and s’mores of course. A small hike, more good food, a sleeping bag rated for sub-zero temperatures, and pretty views, even the ones that DIDN’T have the city in them.

Then I came home and played The Sims 2 Pets for hours until Jeff dragged me kicking and screaming from the computer for dinner and to watch Rent.

I am now lathered with Icy Hot and I almost feel human again.


  1. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Oct 24, 2006

    Your pictures look cool, but dang it sure seemed like y’all took a TON of stuff!

    I was going to ask if the Sims Pets was fun, but since you played it for hours, that sort of answers that. My daughter is a Sims freak, maybe I’ll have to get that one for her collection.

    Hope your phone is as nifty as the website for it makes it sound.

  2. Katili
    Katili Oct 24, 2006

    Yes. We were well prepared for camping hehe :D

    I ♥ sims. Muchly. You should get it for her!

    Also, my phone is awesome. And it will be perfect once I figure out how the heck to send my pictures to my moblog.

  3. Jules
    Jules Oct 24, 2006

    … I’ve never gone camping

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