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People are Stupid & PHP Hates Me

BERLIN (Reuters) – A bungling German thief stole a pair of shoes in two different sizes and was caught when he went back to the shop to fix his mistake—decked out in the very clothes he had stolen, authorities said Friday.

Police in the western city of Bielefeld said the shop owner recognized the 20-year-old shoplifter because the white shoes and sports jacket he wore were available only in his shop, and had been stolen just two days earlier.

“You have to wonder why he went back into the shop in the stolen get-up,” said a spokeswoman for Bielefeld police. “It seems he may not have been the brightest of thieves.” The owner spotted the man as he attempted to switch of the wrong-sized shoe and alerted police, who arrested the thief.


ROFL. Classic. WHY would you DO that?!

In other news, the guys at pmachine helped me figure out why my auto-resize on KSF To-Go wasn’t working. Apparently my version of PHP doesn’t like the jpgs that my Nokia phone makes. WTF? I might have to go back to Motorolla in that case cause Py says upgrading the php would break more than it would fix. So according to John and PXLated, when I go shopping for my new cellphone, I should ask the sales person if the model he is selling me is compatible with my version of PHP, videotape his reaction, put it on youtube, get digged and be famous. Sounds good to me! :D Though I do wish it would just work with my phone!


  1. yoshi
    yoshi Sep 12, 2006

    you’re alternative is of course to set up metaweblog api and just use flickr to post your pictures to your moblog.

    but i think we had this conversation. :p

  2. Katili
    Katili Sep 12, 2006

    I do believe that was the conversation that ended with “dammit I paid too much money for this thing to NOT use the moblog feature!” hahaha :p

  3. Jules
    Jules Sep 13, 2006

    Aaaah, stupid people make me laugh :grin:

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