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AFI = Teh Awesomeness


So last night Sonia and I went to see AFI. We missed Saosin cause we were hungry, got there in time to see Tiger Army. I don’t like them, but whatever. I was impressed with how well they got the crowd moving until I realized a band had been on before them, so then I wasn’t as impressed. If the first band gets that kind of energy, then it’s be something special.

Sooo then we waited for AFI and it was way cool. All the equipment and their clothes is white, and they have these white trees with pink and purple lights and Davey has the exact pink eyeshadow I’ve been looking for and I must know where he got it.

They played the songs I needed them to play except for 1, but that’s ok.

OMG Katie did you SEE when Davey stepped off the stage and everybody held his feet like he was God?!”
“Sonia, at his own shows, he probably IS God!”

Good times were had, except for the fact that the same huge guy kept stepping on my toe because he’s an idiot and doesn’t know how to keep his feet on the ground. I think my toe is broken or something. AND I saw the guy I totally need to marry, it’s too bad I’ll never see him again. Bands are easy to stalk but random hot guys with curly hair and killer hip bones are not, and I am deeply saddened.

Check the moblog for a couple pictures and a tiny video clip.

That is all.