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100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 001

If everybody jumped off a cliff, I probably wouldn’t follow, but if everybody is doing an interesting meme, then I’m likely to do it too.

I’m sure you all know how this one works, but here’s the gist: 1 fact about me, 100 days (more or less). I don’t promise any of these facts will be interesting, but they will be there!

1: Speaking of cliffs, I fell off a very small cliff and a boat on the same day once, into the same lake. Ok, well, more like I was tackled off of the small cliff, and the boat was sharply maneuvered to make me fall. Even I am not *that* clumsy :P

One Comment

  1. tiggerprr
    tiggerprr Aug 11, 2006

    That’s a great idea! I think I’ll do it too! ::Lemmings right over the meme cliff:: :)

    Thanks for visiting my site and good luck with that WoW addiction. 5 lvl 60s later, I still can’t kick mine! :/

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