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Tag: 100 Facts

100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 036/42

36: I’m kind of forgetful and absent minded sometimes. I’m sure you guys hadn’t noticed, cause ya know, this isn’t the second week in a row I forgot to post these on Saturday.

37: My very first website is still on the web, but not the first version of it, which is probably good. It was called Twinkieland, in tribute to Neonwatt and our Band Twinkie-ness. I’m not giving you the URL though I’m sure you could find it if you were so inclined. It’s kind of embarrassing in a way. I’d go in and like.. denounce it from my name if I could remember the username and password, or if the email address with that information still existed haha.

38: The Henry Fonda is like, my favorite concert venue EVER. ♥ I saw Avenged Sevenfold there, way back when they were actually good. And uhm.. yea. :D

39: I ate real sushi for the first time ever Saturday night. Once before, I had tried a roll-thing that only had avocado in it and thought the seaweed was disgusting. However, this place that we went to was awesome, and I didn’t even notice the seaweed. I had salmon, and it was pretty good. Only 1 piece though.. I’m allergic to cooked fish, especially salmon, so I didn’t want to push it. I also ate a couple of california rolls, man I love crab.

40: I absolutely HATE bathing suit shopping. Last year, I made Jeff drive me to like, 100 different stores in like, 4 different cities before I found one I liked.

41: Shoe shopping is the only thing that’s almost as bad as bathing suit shopping. Unless I’m just buying a new pair of Converse, it takes me HOURS to find shoes. Especially if I need dress shoes. Good lord. I spent 3 hours looking for my prom dress, and 4 looking for shoes. Prom is stupid.

42: Chapstick is the only stuff that’s ever on my lips unless there’s something major going on (or a photoshoot haha) and only the original, ChapStick brand with the black wrapper.


100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 029/035

They’re a little late. I’ve been sick :(

29: I’m pretty musically inclined. I get it from my dad. I can pick up just about any instrument and have the basics down by the end of the day. Except brass.. for some reason, I never did get the hang of that. My lips get tingly.

30: When I was a kid, my hair was so long, I’d sit on it if I didn’t remember to move it out of the way before I sat.

31: I never told my mom I didn’t believe in Santa Claus. I still get presants from him at Christmas time :D

32: Any time I go to Denny’s without Sonia, I hate the place.

33: I have a belt made completely out of starburst wrappers and 2 safety pins.

34: I’m pretty obsessive over patterns. Any time I have a bunch of similar things on a flat surface, I have this need to put them in some sort of group, or an order.

35: I’ve never ever been to Raging Waters and I don’t think I ever will. Water parks are gross :|


100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 022/028

22: Magic Mountian is one of my favorite places ever. I remember once when I was a kid, they snuck me on the rollar coaster and I was too small and I almost flew out. It was the coolest thing on earth haha. I’m totally bummed that they’re closing it down :(

23: I was on Neopets when they first opened and I remember how cool it used to be back then. The good old days haha when books didn’t go *poof* when you read them and you ALWAYS had a Faerie Quest.

24: I used to work in a coffee shop. It turned me into a bit of a coffee snob and I don’t even really like the stuff. When I make my coffee, people ask me if I’m gonna put any in my cup of milk and sugar haha.

25: I could live off of my grandmother’s bean and rice burritos.. mmmm. No salsa though. They like to ask me what kind of mexican I am.

26: I cannot STAND snow. It’s pretty to look at and fun to play in for about an hour, but after than, ICK. It’s cold and wet and not rain. I do love rain though.

27: When I was little, I wanted to be famous when I grew up. Now I just want to be talented.

28: Highschool was all about extracurricular activities for me. I was in Marching Band, Concert Band, Colorguard, and 2 auditioned choirs. I spent very little time in real classes hehe.


100 Facts in 100 Days – Fact 021

21: I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEEE ( :love: ) the ocean. I go to the beach just to swim in it, cause I really hate sand. I practically grew up at Zuma Beach.

Please note: I’ve decided that I feel too much like this meme is spamming my blog. So I’ve decided that from now on, I will be posting 1 post every Saturday with 7 facts in it