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Kat Scratch Fever Posts

2020: A Recap

Been a quiet couple years here on KSF, huh? Not even annual recaps! Spoiler alert, I had another baby in that time lol but that’s another post. Let’s just talk about the dumpster fire that was 2020 here. Ok actually my year wasn’t all that terrible besides us all being a little stir crazy.

  • Went to Disneyland before all the COVID madness happened, a perfectly timed trip! We all had a great time, especially Miles. It was also great to see some of my family while I was there!
  • Got to spend a little time visiting the library with the kids
  • I started preparing to launch a photography business
  • COVID happened.
  • Pretty much everything got put on hold: no more library, very few friends, definitely no photography business
  • Learned a lot about running a business in preparation fro when I do get to launch
  • Did a LOT of sewing and started knitting again
  • Had my gallbladder removed, still recovering since that was just a few days ago.

That’s about it. Here’s hoping that next year things get back under control and that life can get back to semi-normal. The kids really miss seeing people and going places, but they’re handling it decently.

2021: please don’t suck too much, thanks.

I’m not planning on a specific 2021 Goals post because well, I don’t have it in my to have all my plans be ruined again haha, so I’ll just toss it in here; I’m making another attempt at a 365 Project so I’ll probably do some photo posts here with those, maybe once a month. Or not cause we know how this blog goes… meh. If you want to follow in more real time I’ll be posting on Instagram.

Ok, I’m out! Happy New Year everybody.

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2017: A Recap

As the year comes to an end, I once again take a moment to pause and reflect. I have to say, 2017 was a pretty awesome year for me. 

  • Bought a house! It’s a pretty cool house, I like it. 
  • Moved into said house and barely had to do any work because I was pregnant ;) 

  • Set up an amazing craft room! It’s very unorganized right now but it’s so nice having my machines set up and having a dedicated cutting and pressing table.

  • Set up an adorable space themed nursery for the baby.

  • Had fun parties at our new house. Birthday parties, baby shower, just because dinners, etc. 

  • Had a baby! Delivery didn’t go quite how I wanted, but Baby Boy was born healthy and we had no scares so I am still calling it a huge success. 

  • So many baby milestones in just 4 and a half months. It’s been so fun to watch him learn new things, and I love all the firsts!

  • Baby giggles. 

  • Watching Kevin be a Dad. He loves his boy <3 

This will be a tough year to top!

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I Have a Baby!

Baby Miles was born on August 15th 2017, 19.75 inches, 7lb 9.5oz. He is perfect, adorable, and already keeps me on my toes.

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Did I Mention I’m Having a Baby?

Man. Every time something exciting happens, I think for sure it’s the nudge I need to come back and start blogging again. Guess what happens….

When I got engaged, I figured planning a wedding would give me tons of blogging fodder. It actually did, but I was so exhausted planning it that I didn’t have the energy to blog besides the one post I made! The wedding was amazing though, I promise I’ll make a post about it soon, share the video and a few photos.

When we bought a house (… oh I guess I didn’t mention that either), I suppose I could have made a post about the buying process, but honestly it’s kind of boring. Our house is cute though! And Toby is absolutely loving his new yard. Maybe I’ll post about it when we have our housewarming party… in July… hah.

So now, we’re having a baby! Exciting right? Want to guess how far along I am based on how many posts I’ve made? Nooo I’m not going to pop tomorrow haha, but I am in the third trimester. Baby Boy is due mid-August, Kevin and I are very excited! Here’s what the little guy looked like at our 20 week anatomy scan.

I’m not sure what all I’d have posted about so far. First trimester was a blur of exhaustion and nasty morning sickness. Second trimester got slightly better. I’m feeling surprisingly good now at the start of the third, but I’m sure comfort-wise it’s going to start going downhill any time! I already ache all the time, but it’s manageable.

So since clearly being pregnant wasn’t enough to make me blog… we’ll see what happens when kiddo is born. Maybe I’ll become a Mommy Blogger hahahaha. Probably not.

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On Being a Fatherless Bride

Some of you already know this, but my dad wasn’t ever really in my life’s picture. He wasn’t around for my childhood, and he died when I was in high school.

This means of course, that I have had all my major life milestones without him and always will. 99.5% of the time it doesn’t bother me, because it’s how it’s always been and I am as used to it as one can be with unfortunate things.

But today, for some reason, I am not.

Today I am listening to sappy love songs trying to put together a list of songs to play for key events at my wedding, and I am absolutely heartbroken. I would love to give my soon-to-be Mother in-law the opportunity to have a special dance with her son at our wedding, but I just don’t know if I sit there and know that I won’t have the opportunity to dance with my dad. Sure, there are alternatives, but they will all stab me in the heart, and right now that sounds unbearable.

It shouldn’t matter. I have survived birthdays, graduations, big moves, happy moments, sad moments, and every day without him. I have always known that I would also have my wedding without him. But every vendor, every website, every acquaintance that doesn’t know better, they all ask something about him; ‘will your dad walk you down the aisle?’ ‘are you going to dance with your father?’ ‘are your parents giving speeches?’ and every time there is a little twinge of grief, or a big one.

Grief is a funny thing. After all these years I still mourn for what never was and never will be, even in the midst of all my happiness.

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