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Tag: weird things

I Didn’t Ask for a Wakeup Call

So this morning at like.. 1:30 (of course, just as I’m actually getting close to good-sleep), my cell phone rings. I sleep with my phone by my head because it’s my alarm clock. So it scared the living jebus out of me cause it was LOUD. Pick it up… no answer. Grr. *hangs up* *phone immediately rings again* wtf “HELLO??” *no answer* *annoyed* *phone rings AGAIN* *Jeff picks up* “Hello?…. (silence) Oh!” And Jeff totally starts spouting off the most RANDOM stuff ever (never getting an audible response)

… whoever was on the other line finally hung up when he started talking about how Jell-O was ground-up cow bone that was liquefied then re-solidified and the phone didn’t ring again and all was well in the Land of Katie aside from the fact that I got no sleep.

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