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Tag: rainbow

An Exit to Eternal Summer Slacking….

but where they going without ever knowing the way?

Random mood today. La la la.

So I went outside and was wearing my sunglasses and my raincoat at the same time, and not just because I was being random, but because they were both necessary. It was bright and sunny, and pouring rain at the same time. It made for a pretty rainbow though! It was weird today because first it was foggy, then it drizzled, then it was sunny, then it hailed, then it was sunny and raining at the same time… I think right now it’s just cold.

So we replaced 5 of the 6 spark plugs yesterday before we called it a day because it was raining on us then it got dark. The check engine light is off and the truck isn’t putt-putting anymore, but I do want to change that last one and the wires still.

I forgot what else I wanted to blog about. I am distracted by my pot pie and the fact that Tom will be here in like, 20 minutes. Ta!

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