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Vampires in a Parallel Universe

Earlier today, Yoshi and I got to talking about Kindred: The Embraced and how sad it was that the show got canceled when Mark Frankel died. That got us wondering, how different would the whole vampire craze have been if that show stayed on and got popular back in the 90’s? I thought I summed it up pretty well on Twitter

If Kindred the Embraced hadn’t been canceled we’d be over vampires, Twilight wouldn’t have happened, and the world would be a better place.

The idea amused me and the thought process kept going, so I thought I’d expand a little.

Seriously though, if Kindred had kicked off the vampire craze back in 1996, we’d totally be sick of them by now. I hear Showtime was talking about picking up the show, which would have upped the awesome factor a bit. If the longevity of X-Files and the popularity of Buffy and Angel is anything to go off, the audience was definitely there. I think it could have done really well.

And, since Vampires would have been (very) loosely based on the White Wolf definitions, they would have been a lot cooler. I’ve played both the old World of Darkness vampires and the new ones, and those vampires are way cool.

So in this parallel universe I’m thinking of, Vampire Mania started in 1996. I’m guessing it probably ended about 2003, cause we all know that we have short attention spans. That means that by 2005, when the first Twilight book came out, nobody cared about vampires anymore, which means the book probably never got published. This, more to the point, means that the movies never got made, and my kind will not go down as the generation that like sparkly vampires.

Tell me how that doesn’t make this a better place to live?