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Tag: i’m a jerk

Queen of Last Minute Preps

So yesterday at lunch I went to the makeup store with Tom to pick up stuff for our costumes. We got a bunch of stuff for him and crew (.. they’re going to be Dead Amish School Girls.. wrong on so many levels, but it’s gonna be great) and ears/nose for me.

Then after work I spent WAY too much money on makeup, tulle, and other stuff for said costume.

OMG. It was the funniest thing at Joann’s Fabrics.. so I walk up to the cutting station with an armful of tulle and a pattern for 3 year olds and said “Ok, this says that if you’re 4 years old, you need 2 1/2 yards each of the tulle. Well.. I seem to be 21, I need enough tulle to make this skirt for me. And she looks at the pattern and looks at me and goes, “.. what are you expecting, a miracle?” And I go “… *GASP* Are you saying I’m FAT?!” (… ok anybody that has ever seen me knows that I am anything but fat) and the lady turns so red her nose turns white and goes “No no no no!!  I um.. you’re a lot taller? than a 4 year old!” Nice save lady. I don’t think she realized that most people would have had a hard time keeping a straight face during all that. It was awesome. I mean, it’s one thing for that situation to happen with a person who really IS fat, but from a skinny person? Man she was confused and embarrassed!

Anyway my skirt DID work, albeit we didn’t read the directions so we did it the hard way, then accidentally caught one of the pieces while we were sewing so I have a big puff to the left of my butt. Ah well.

Today I went and got a hair cut and when Jeff wakes up he’s gonna help me dye it. I’m not allowed to spend any more money for a month, omg.

Gas is back on at the house.

And speaking of sleep, I need a nap.

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