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Tag: Friday’s Feast

Friday’s Feast – 115 – Week 10

Join me in Friday’s Feast!

Appetizer: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend reading other blogs?
Hmm. Probably about 3-4.

Soup: Your community wants everyone to give one thing to put into a time capsule. What item would you choose to include?
A picture of my computer, so that the future can see how technologically unadvanced we were. (I’d put my whole computer in but then how would I read other blogs?!)

Salad: What is the most interesting tourist attraction you’ve ever visited?
I followed The Freedom Trail in Boston.. it was cool.

Main Course: If you could give an award to anyone for anything, who would it be and what would the award be titled?
I would give Jeff the, “Dealing with Katie” award, only it’d have a more clever name because right now my brain is not working.

Dessert: What do you think your favorite color reveals about your personality?
I think it would reveal something about how random and sporadic I am because even though I wear and work with painfully bright, obnoxious colors, my favorite color is a very muted slate blue.

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Friday’s Feast – 114 – Week 9

Join me in Friday’s Feast!

Appetizer: Name a song you know by heart.
Oh gosh, there’s a lot! I know pretty much every Thrice song by heart.. and all of the Atreyu ones.. etc etc etc. Right now I am listening to Shinedown – Save Me, which.. I also know

Soup: What will you absolutely not do in front of another person?
Mmmmm. I can’t think of anything right now! I’m sure there’s something but my brain isn’t working.

Salad: How often do you use mouthwash and what kind do you like?
I don’t like mouthwash, it makes my mouth burn!

Main Course: Finish this sentence: I am embarrassed when…
I am embarrassed when I fall in the middle of the street in front of a good looking guy. Especially if he laughs instead of helping me up

Dessert: What was the last food you craved?
Albondigas soup. Mmmmmmmm. It needs to rain so my grandma will make some!


Friday’s Feast – 113 – Week 8

Join me in the Friday Feast!

Appetizer: What is your favorite herb or spice?
GARLIC (uhm. Does that count? Probably not haha). If it doesn’t, then I guess cumin.

Soup: Name a song you like but haven’t heard in a long time.
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta. I should listen to it when I get home.

Salad: If you were to take just one minute to write down as many things as you can think of that you need (not want) to do, approximately how many things would there be?
Today I probably have about 5. For the near future, probably about 100 o_O

Main Course: Tell something interesting about one of your family members (nothing scandalous, please, just something unique).
Hmmmm. My cousin was a model and in a few episodes of The Young and The Beautiful. Now she sells houses and is dating some big shot affiliated with the Lakers.

Dessert: What’s the latest you’ve ever stayed awake?
43 hours or something close.


Fridays Feast – 112 – Week 7

Join me in Friday’s Feast!

Appetizer: Measured in minutes or hours, how much exercise have you had in the last week?
Ha haha hahahahaha I’m getting lazy and I’m gonna have to go with none other than my every day walking around and walking the puppy.

Soup: If you had to change your blog title to something else, what would it be?
Hrm. Uuuuuuuhhhhhm. What’s wrong with Kat Scratch Fever?! I guess it be “Can’t Find My Orbit” or something. Song lyrics. My theme song. Yep.

Salad: Name one television show you watched when you were 9-12 years old.
POWER RANGERS. Back in my day that show used to be cool. With Trini, she was awesome. Before that whole green ranger junk, it went downhill after that.

Main Course: If someone gave you $50 to spend with the one condition that it had to be educational, what would you purchase?
$50 doesn’t go far these days :( I’d use it to buy the stupid book I need for my class that I already know all the stuff for.

Dessert: Do you tend to prefer dark colors, neutral shades, or lighter/pastel hues?
Bright colors actually. Can’t you tell by my layout? Hehe


Friday’s Feast – 111 – Week 6

Join me in Friday’s Feast!

Appetizer:What was the very last song you listened to?
Third Eye Blind – Jumper :music:
I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend. You could cut ties with all the lies that you’ve been living in. And if you do not want to see me again I would understand, I would understand

Soup: What is one company/store/corporation you would recommend that people stay away from?
Meh. Nobody has really wronged me enough for me to tell people not to go there. I mean, most places I’ve been have done SOMETHING to annoy me, but it’s usually a pretty isolated incident. I do tell people not to go to Island’s with more than 4 people though if they want to be out of there in a resonable amount of time. Every single time I’ve gone with a big group we’ve had many problems.

Salad: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how much do you enjoy having your picture made?
I’m assuming this means having my picture taken? I guess about a 6. I generally prefer to be on the other side of the camera.

Main Course: Besides a bookmark, what is something you’ve used to keep your place in a book?
I like to use my bills hahaha. Once I used a ticket that I refused to pay (I had gotten 2; one for an expired meter and one cause my front plate fell off. I sent them a letter saying I wasn’t paying the one for the plate because I had the stupid thing in my window because it had fallen off that day and I never heard back. Didn’t have any problems when I went to register the car again so I assume that means the ticket ceased to exist haha). I actually can’t remember the last time I used a real bookmark.

Dessert: Name a food that you like that most people don’t.
I loooooooove peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Most people think I’m crazy.