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Tag: close call

My Streak Has Ended

Jeff: So what’d you do for the last 5 hours?
Me: Oooh, I went to the doctor, he poked my eyeball and said I have a sinus infection so I got medicine.. went to my mom’s house… had pizza… played DS… got pulled over.. you know.
Jeff: ……… oy.

It was an unmarked cop car! And I swear I thought it was a 35 zone. Going 40 in a 35 is acceptable. However, 40 in a 25 is… well, not. They were looking for a stolen black car. I was driving a.. not stolen black car. So after some polite conversation (including a pop quiz on who the car belongs to), he handed me back my stuff (.. well, my license and Jeff’s registration) and told me to slow down. YAY NO TICKET!

But still. I have been tainted :(

CURSE YOU KARMIMI!!!!!!!1111!!eleventy-one.