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Ok, Now.. RESTOCK!

Christmas is over. The stores all opened today at 7 in the morning for reasons totally unknown to me because uh, all the shelves are EMPTY and it seems like there is not one single Nintendo DS in the entire city of Los Angeles going for retail value. Sorry but I don’t want one “OMG this very minute!!11!” bad enough to pay an extra $80 for it. Though, I really do want one now :(

In other news, I have lots of really warm stuff to wear now and a 2gb memory card for my camera and a george foreman grill among other things. Woot! :D

And Sonia is bringing me tamales.

I hope everybody had a great Christmas! :D


I Rock

Today I went to do Christmas shopping.
I got 3 gifts during my lunch break AND ate.
And was only 4 minutes late.

I. fricken. RULE. :D

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Oh Christmas Tree!!

My Monkey!
My tree topper is a monkey with a santa hat, mmhmm :D

Blue Christmas Tree HDR
And it has blue lights. And it’s about 4 feet tall. I have it on my sewing desk so Vinz can’t eat it.

Decorating the Christmas Tree
And uhm, me and my santa hat were totally adorable decorating it, no?


The Christmas Tree Poll

Ok, the burning question, because I really must know…

Real or Fake Christmas trees!?

Please come cast your vote on the sidebar, because I don’t feel like redoing my whole template to include the poll in this entry. Thanks.

For the record: I am all about REAL trees. If looks could kill my mom would have been dead in a heart beat the one year she even mentioned putting up a fake tree. Go vote. Then comment here if you feel like it.


What Katie Wants for Christmas

Sadly, I think my List of Things I Want is longer than my List of People Who Love Me. Ah well.

  • 2 gb (or more hehe) Compact Flash card for my new camera. 128meg isn’t going to fly with this baby.
  • Filters/lenses/camera bag for said camera.
  • webcam for the techno-geek in me.
  • a new bedframe because mine is about to collapse. I wouldn’t mind a springy-thing either. I don’t have one, just a buddy board.
  • A tokidoki bag. I blame Sonia for that one. I want either Ciao Ciao, Bella, or Bambino in Citta Rosa. I was looking at the fall collection. I REALLY want Dolce or Bambino in Inferno. Portatelefono is probably the right size for my cellphone too… However, I know that nobody loves me $100-purse worth lmao.
  • A Bluetooth headset.
  • Playstation 2 and Katamri Damacy.
  • Random little accessories and clothing items.
  • Pink creepers.
  • Jeans that actually fit me.
  • Gift cards and cash donations towards keeping me fed and my phone bill paid.

etc etc etc.